Taxi in Eilat - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Eilat

Taxi in Eilat

Taxi in Eilat

Most taxis in Eilat are white cars (there is a symbol on the roof “Taxi”), in which radiotelephones and taximeters are installed that go on flights at any time, day or night, including on Shabbat.

Taxi services in Eilat

With the search for a free car, you will not have any difficulties - you can stop the car right on the street by raising your hand. In addition, drivers await potential customers at numerous parking areas. So, for example, a whole line of taxis can be found next to a shopping mall “Mall a-Yam”.

To apply for a car, you may need the following phone numbers: “Taxi Eilat”: 08 631 69 99, (+ 972) 525 50 84 88; “Taxi Keshet”: 08 631 67 66; “Taxi Shlomo”: 08 631 69 99.

Tourist taxis in Eilat

Using the services of tourist taxis (they differ from ordinary taxis by the presence on the door of the emblem of the Ministry of Tourism in the form of two people carrying a large bunch of grapes), you can take a fascinating excursion, which the driver (who is also a professional guide) of such a taxi will arrange for you. The cost of a trip by such a taxi will be slightly higher than in ordinary taxis.

Jeep safari in Eilat

Eilat is surrounded by mountains, so it is not always possible to get to know the city's surroundings by ordinary cars (this is especially true for some routes). If you have a desire, you will be able to take part in an exciting trip organized by mini-jeeps - it will allow you to admire the local beauty and experience an adrenaline rush.

Taxi cost in Eilat

Would you like to receive an answer to the question: “How much does a taxi cost in Eilat?” Pay attention to the rates for local taxis:

  • landing + the first 500 m will cost you 12 shekels;
  • in the future, the cost of the trip is calculated at the price of NIS 0.4 / 100m, and as soon as you cover 15 km, the next 80 m will cost NIS 0.4;
  • for calling a taxi by phone, there is a surcharge of 5 shekels, and for the carriage of luggage - in the amount of 4 shekels;
  • when traveling by taxi after 21:00 to 05:30, as well as on holidays, you should be prepared for a 25% increase in the fare.

On average, a trip around the city costs 20-30 shekels.

Despite the fact that tourists are advised to take a taxi using the meter, in some cases it is more profitable to negotiate the fare with the driver before setting off. For example, if during a trip you find yourself in a traffic jam, its cost according to the meter may be more expensive than at a fixed price..

Since Eilat is a popular resort in Israel, here, if you wish, you can go on a pleasure boat cruise or sightseeing by taxi.

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