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Christmas in Jerusalem

Christmas in Jerusalem

Resting on Christmas in Jerusalem, travelers will be able to get a lot of positive impressions, soak up the spirit of antiquity and touch the shrines.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Jerusalem

The Christmas period in Jerusalem falls in late December - early January. During this period, city squares are decorated with garlands and festive lights, chants can be heard on the streets, and services and festive liturgies in different languages ​​are held in churches..

Since the Israeli Ministry of Tourism is working with church and other organizations to make the holiday period as accessible as possible for Christians, they will have the opportunity to travel free of charge on public transport between Jerusalem and Bethlehem during the day, including on Christmas Eve..

It is worth noting that the main dish of the traditional Christmas dinner is a turkey stuffed with nuts, meat and rice, seasoned with cinnamon and pepper. As for tourists, a festive dinner will be served for them, for example, in a restaurant “Azura” (there will be a live music concert).

Entertainment and celebrations in Jerusalem

  • On holidays, those who wish are invited to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher for Midnight Mass, and in the Church of Christ - for festive events (you can enjoy traditional Christmas chants). In addition, attention should be paid to the Dormition Temple (Mount Zion), the Tomb of the Theotokos (Gethsemane) and the Orthodox Gornensky Monastery (Ein Karem), where nuns sing carols..
  • Jerusalem invites everyone on the winter holidays (November-December) to join the celebration of the Annual Winter Festival (Khamshushalaim) - they will be able to attend culinary excursions, dance shows, exhibitions, performances, concerts and other cultural events.
  • To listen to classical music, during the festive period you can visit the Jerusalem Music Center and the liturgical concert in the Tower of David.
  • During the winter holidays, travelers will be offered to go for a walk in Christmas Jerusalem.
  • Don't forget to visit the Western Wall.
  • Vacationers with children should take a closer look at the attraction “Time elevator” (A 30-minute movie with special effects will introduce them to the 3000-year history of the city) and Jerusalem Biblical Zoo (here you can admire animals and read quotes from the Old Testament on tablets attached to aviaries or cages).

Christmas markets in Jerusalem

If you are interested in Christmas markets, then you are recommended to go to Nazareth, where the Christmas Parade takes place with festive fireworks and the Christmas market opens, where you can get knitted clothes, jewelry boxes, bracelets, ornaments, carved wooden figurines, Christmas tree decorations, as well as take part in performances for children and adults.


  • Christmas in Jerusalem
  • Christmas in Jerusalem
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