Areas of Rome - name, description, photos of areas of Rome, where to stay for a tourist

Areas of Rome

Areas of Rome

The Italian capital consists of 22 central districts. And since the districts of Rome have their own characteristics, a visit to the capital is sure to be an exciting adventure for its guests..

The Roman districts are Trevi, Colonna, Monti, Parione, Ponte, Campo Marzio, Sant Eustachio, Regola (the area is famous for the Square of Flowers), Campiteli (the Palace of the Senate stands out), Pigna, Ripa, Sant'Angelo (the area is interesting with the Matei square with a fountain Turtles), Borgo, Trastevere, Ludovisi, Esquilino, Castro Pretorio, Sallustiano, Testaccio, Celio, Prati (famous for the Castel Sant'Angelo), San Saba.

Description and attractions of the main areas

  • Monti: this is the most visited area for tourists - the baths of Trajan and Titus, the Temple of Augustus, the Lateran Basilica and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore deserve attention.
  • Trevi: the area is suitable for walking around Trevi Square (the fountain of the same name is located in the center) and Barberini Square (this square is famous for the Triton fountain, and here it is worth visiting the Barberini Palace, famous for its National Gallery of Ancient Art).
  • Campo Marzio: of interest for travelers are the streets Via dei Condotti and Via Margutta, the Spanish Steps, the old cafe Caffe Greco (they say that Gogol once loved to be here), the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo.
  • Parione: the area is famous for the squares of Navona and Campo de Fiore (during the day - a place of market trading, in the evening - meetings in restaurants where they order local cuisine), on which a statue of Giordano Bruno is installed, the Pamphilj palace, on whose frescoes famous artists worked, a church Saint Agnes.
  • Trastevere: It is recommended to visit the Botanical Gardens, as well as the churches Santa Maria in Trastevere and Santa Cecilia in Trastevere. It should be noted that this area acquires a special atmosphere during the holidays, which are accompanied by processions, dances, songs and competitions..
  • San Saba: the area has the Thermal Complex of Caracalla, the Basilica of San Saba, the Circus Massimo hippodrome.
  • Celio: those who want to see the Arch of Constantine, the Colosseum, the churches of San Giovanni e Paolo and Santa Maria in Domnica, the gate of St. Sebastian flock here.

Where to stay for tourists

Despite the fact that the Trastevere area has not very cheap hotels, tourists should pay attention to it - it is in this place that they will be able to feel the true Italian spirit.

An equally attractive place to stay on vacation in Rome is the Celio area, but it's good if the chosen hotel is located in the back of the block, and not on a busy street.

For those interested in clubbing, it makes sense to find suitable accommodation in the Testaccio area. Well, the cheapest accommodation can be found in the Termini area - there are many hotels, plus attractions are close at hand, the only drawback is the crowdedness due to the proximity of the train station.

Photos of the districts of Rome

  • Areas of Rome
  • Areas of Rome
  • Areas of Rome