Rome in 4 days: where to go in Rome

Rome in 4 days

Rome in 4 days

The Italian capital is called the Eternal City for a reason. You can come to Rome again and again and not get to know even a small part of its richest cultural heritage. In a city where every stone is a historical masterpiece, and every house remembers entire eras, you can wander around for days without getting tired and not noticing the passage of time. Rome in 4 days - these are fountains and cathedrals, museums and monuments, each of which is worthy of a separate book.

Vatican Chronicles

You can devote a whole day of your stay in the capital of Italy to a walk through one of the smallest states on the planet. However, the area occupied by the Vatican is inversely proportional to its importance for a huge part of humanity. In a small state in the city, there is the center of Catholicism and the residence of the head of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope..
The most important cathedral for believers is St. Peter's Basilica. Its dimensions are grandiose, and the interior decoration impresses with its luxury and scope. The tomb of the Apostle Peter is located in the cathedral, and the dome of the magnificent structure was designed by Michelangelo.
The museums of a small state in the heart of Rome cause no less impression in Rome in 4 days. It is best to buy a ticket to visit them via the Internet in order to avoid long and long queues. The most vivid impression of what he saw usually remains after visiting the Sistine Chapel, the ceilings and walls of which are painted with frescoes in the form of biblical scenes..

Ruins for all time

In the center of Rome are the ruins of the Roman Forum, which once served as the center of a vast empire. Life was in full swing here, important matters were being decided, and today only stones remained from the once luxurious square. And yet, even in the ruins, one can easily guess the former greatness and splendor..
No less beautiful is the largest amphitheater that we inherited from Ancient Rome. It is called the Colosseum from the word "colossal" and even after so many centuries the size and monumentality of the building amaze the imagination.

Fountain and coin

Once in Rome for 4 days, you can make a wish to return to the Eternal City. Its fulfillment is guaranteed by throwing a coin into the famous Trevi Fountain. The hero of films, one of the visiting cards of the Italian capital, the Trevi Fountain impresses with its turquoise water, magnificent sculptural composition and scale. Even crowds of tourists do not interfere with enjoying the magnificent structure, but in order to be alone with the most beautiful sight, you should get up early and arrange an excursion right at the morning dawn..


  • Rome in 4 days
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