Rome in 1 day: where to go in Rome

Rome in 1 day

Rome in 1 day

Being in the Eternal City for just one day may seem like an evil twist of fate. The Italian capital is so beautiful and amazing that a year will not be enough for a detailed acquaintance with it. And yet you can get to know Rome in 1 day if you completely surrender to its rhythm and atmosphere and try to visit at least the most important and famous architectural masterpieces.

Colosseum from the word "colossal"

The largest amphitheater in the ancient world once held at least 50 thousand spectators. Eighty of its entrances led to the stands, where the Roman nobility and ordinary people watched the gladiator fights taking place in the arena. The roof of the Colosseum was stretched and was an awning to protect from bad weather or the scorching sun, and the walls of the amphitheater were erected from travertine marble mined in Tivoli. The Colosseum was built over eight years in the 70s AD. and today this magnificent structure is one of the few that have survived on the planet since those ancient times..

Fountain of the Four Rivers

One of the finest Roman fountains is located in Piazza Navona. It symbolizes the four main rivers of the world - the Ganges, Danube, La Plata and Nile. The white marble sculptures that adorn the fountain were built in the middle of the 17th century according to the design of the great Bernini, and his immortal work is crowned with a sixteen-meter Egyptian obelisk made of Aswan stone. The fountain is fed from the oldest aqueduct in Rome, and Piazza Navona itself was a stadium for athletic competitions during the reign of Gaius Julius Caesar.

To return to Rome

A place in the Eternal City, where every tourist aspires to visit - the famous Trevi Fountain. There is a sign according to which anyone who threw a coin into his bowl will certainly return to Rome. The Trevi Fountain is considered the largest in the capital of Italy. Its height is about 26 meters and its width is almost 20 meters. The fountain was built in the first half of the 18th century and it adjoins the facade of the Poli Palace, becoming a part of it and looking even more majestic.
The Baroque style in which the Trevi Fountain is made makes this sculptural masterpiece especially lush and grandiose. At the fountain, they make wishes and make appointments, and those who had a chance to see Rome in 1 day dream of a second visit here. By the way, utilities get up to 700 thousand euros from the bowl of the fountain annually. An army of travelers is ready to pay such a considerable price for the opportunity to return to the Eternal City someday..


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