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Tours to Rome

Tours to Rome

The eternal city and one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Rome is the coveted destination of almost every traveler. History was once made here, but today all roads and hiking trails lead here. Enjoy the majestic ancient ruins, admire the cathedrals and castles, relax in the cafe overlooking the sights of the planetary scale - all this can be safely included in the tour program to Rome.

Briefly about the important

  • The historical part of the city is quite accessible for walking. Old Rome is quite compact and if you have free time it is best to get around it on foot. This will save money on a taxi, which in Europe cannot be classified as a cheap means of transport..
  • Drinking coffee or having lunch is best not on the most central streets. In a cafe aside from the tourist paths, the prices are more pleasant, and the quality of the food is at an altitude. It is optimal to choose a restaurant with a lot of locals. It's definitely tastier there.
  • It is important to observe personal safety rules during your Rome tour. The number of pickpockets increased due to the influx of migrants..
  • Crossing the road in the capital of Italy, you should carefully look around. The driving style of the vast majority of Roman motorists is quite aggressive.

From the Colosseum to Trevi

When booking tours to Rome, you can explore the list of major attractions in advance. They are located within a few minutes of walking from each other, and therefore walking on your own will not cause problems. If there is not enough time for free exploration of the city, it is better to take a guide. It is important to bear in mind that the influx of tourists in the Italian capital does not always allow for comfortable sightseeing, and a large crowd makes it difficult to make memorable shots. The advice is simple: if you get up early in the morning and be in time before most of the organized excursions start, you can enjoy the magnificent views from the seven Roman hills without much competition..

Choosing the season

When planning tours to Rome, you will have to take into account the climatic features of the region. In order for the trip to bring only positive impressions, you should not choose the summer months for your vacation. At this time in Rome it is very hot and stuffy, the thermometers stubbornly strive for +30, and therefore comfortable walks can break.
The most glorious season in the Italian capital is mid-spring and early autumn. In these months, the temperature indicators are quite comfortable, rains are rare, and the main crowds of tourists have not yet arrived or have already left the Eternal City..


  • Tours to Rome
  • Tours to Rome