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Transport in Venice

Transport in Venice

Venice's transport system is special as there is no land transport in this Italian city. People should move on foot or use water transport, which is represented by classic gondolas, vaporetto boats, traghetto gondolas. Ground transportation can only be used on the Venice mainland and on the island of Lido.


Travel will be expensive and should be prepared in advance. You have to pay seven euros for a one-time ticket. Further, the price increases with the increase in the validity of the ticket..

People under 30 can save on fares. To do this, you will need to buy a Rolling Venice Card worth four euros. This card will allow you to buy a 72-hour pass for 18 euros, saving 17. The Rolling Venice Card allows you to get discounts at museum centers, at the Doge's Palace and at several catering establishments. Remember that in order to receive a card, on the last page you need to enter personal data: date of purchase, series and number of passport, name and surname.

Despite the high fares, the vaporetto is the most popular water bus.


Traghetto is a small gondola. This type of transport was created in order to transport people from one side of the Venetian Canal to the other. For one remelting, you need to pay only 50 cents. There are a lot of crossing points, so they are extremely convenient to use..


The gondola is the symbol of Venice. This type of vehicle appeared around the 7th century. Before the gondolas were very bright and elegant, but now they are painted black. It is important to note that vehicles have been painted black since 1562.

Currently, you have to pay 100 - 120 euros for one hour. If the gondola is rented by five people, significant savings can be achieved. In order to take advantage of the offer of gondoliers, you need to contact any water station.

Transport in Venice is expensive, but at the same time, you can achieve savings by choosing a suitable ticket for yourself, correctly planning a walking route and deciding to enjoy walking.


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