Features of Italy - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Italy

Features of Italy

Italy is a country with an interesting historical past; it has made a huge contribution to the development of the entire European civilization and Christianity. Everything is great here - food, people, climate, attractions. Someone dreams of living here, someone comes just like that. For some, Italy is endless beaches, for others it's just shopping. In any case, the national characteristics of Italy must be taken into account..

Communication and character

Italians are creative, expressive and good-natured people. They have long been accustomed to the crowds of tourists, and perceive them as one with Italy. At the first meeting, you might get the impression that the Italians are very calm, but this is only the first 5 minutes. These people are not used to restraining their emotions, so their violent expression of feelings is also reinforced by active gestures. They also know how to enjoy life and are ready to teach this to anyone..

Italians are very patriotic and simply adore their country. This should be taken into account when talking with them. The more a tourist knows about Italy, the better. They are also very superstitious and know a lot of different signs for all occasions..

Things to do in Italy

  • taste local food - pizza, pasta, wine and the famous Italian ice cream;
  • go to a football match;
  • to see the real Italy, it is worth visiting the provinces;
  • you can talk about sights for a very long time - in Italy they are at every step.

Country features

In Italy, the daily routine is absolutely unacceptable and incomprehensible for tourists. There is such a thing as a siesta, that is, from one in the afternoon until four in the evening, the whole country seems to freeze and relax. Nobody works or even walks the streets. It's all about the incredible heat, which simply forces the locals to hide from the sun at this time. And, of course, in the mentality of the Italians themselves. Real life begins in the evening and lasts until the morning.

Italy is a country of football fans, so bars are everywhere here. Wine and football match broadcasting - what else does an Italian need to be happy? National lotteries are very common in the country; this is a direct disease of local residents. There are even various TV shows on this topic, where they advise and share experiences on how to win money..

There are practically no early marriages in Italy. It is quite normal for a man to live with his parents until he is 30-40 years old. Although this does not stop temperamental Italians from having romances.


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