Coat of arms of Liechtenstein: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Liechtenstein

Coat of arms of Liechtenstein

The smaller the state, the more it seeks to declare itself more loudly - such a conclusion can be made by looking at the coat of arms of Liechtenstein. This is one of the smallest European countries, but its main official symbol will tell about the centuries-old history of the princely house, the relationship with various European countries and dynasties..

And the most interesting fact is that there are three coats of arms of the principality of Liechtenstein: small, medium and large coats of arms. The latter is distinguished by its splendor, the presence of a large number of symbolic elements and a rich color palette..

Great coat of arms of the principality

The main official symbol consists of important details: a large shield and a shield placed on it, a prince's crown (cap) and a mantle. In turn, the shield is divided into six parts, which depict the coats of arms of clans and territories associated with the principality:

  • coat of arms belonging to the Liechtenstein family in the form of a central shield;
  • the official symbol of the Duchy of Jagendorf is the hunting horn;
  • the coat of arms of Silesia with the image of a black eagle in a golden field;
  • coat of arms belonging to the Duchy of Troppau (silver-scarlet field);
  • the coat of arms of the noble Kuenring family (black, gold stripes, rue crown);
  • coat of arms of the county of Rietberg in the form of a black harpy in a gold field.

The fact that the country is a monarchy is symbolized by the prince's crown, decorated with ermine edges, precious stones and crowning the composition of the coat of arms. The second element also reminds of the monarchical state system, this is a scarlet velvet mantle lined with ermine fur.

The middle coat of arms of the principality of Liechtenstein is depicted without a crown and royal mantle, the small coat of arms is presented in the form of a shield, which occupied the central place on the main symbol. It is divided into two parts, gold and scarlet, topped with a princely crown..

Coat of arms - an excursion into history

The image of the modern state symbol of the state of Liechtenstein only slightly differs from the coat of arms of the principality, which existed already in 1846. The central shield and the small shield then had an oval shape. The large shield was similarly divided into five parts, in which the ducal and earl coats of arms were located, identical to those that are present on the today's emblem of the country..

Another change was made to the frame of the large shield - the royal robe. 150 years ago, it was a more saturated dark crimson color, had a different color of the edge. The shape of the drapery of the mantle around the shield has also changed..


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