Madagascar airports - list of Madagascar international airports

Madagascar airport

The continent in miniature is often called the African island of Madagascar. Its amazing nature, national parks, beaches and coral reefs have also attracted travelers from Russia, for whom the rest is not limited to the Egyptian "allinklative". There are no direct flights to Madagascar airport from Moscow, but this does not prevent true fans of exotic adventures from spending 13-14 hours in the air to find themselves on a mysterious island on the wings of Air France with a docking in Paris.

Madagascar International Airport

Not the only, but the largest air harbor in the country, which is entrusted with the right to receive international flights, is located 16 km north-west of Antananarivo. The city where the airport is located is the capital of the country and the island. It is from here that the vast majority of tourist routes begin..
The airline of the same name Air Madagascar is based at the Madagascar airport, whose aircraft fly to Antalya and Bangkok, to Johannesburg and Guangzhou, to Marseille and Paris and to the islands of Mauritius and Reunion..
In addition to local airlines, air carrier liveries are often flashed on the airfield of Iwato airport:

  • Air Austral headquartered in San Denis de la Reunion.
  • Air France with regular flights to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.
  • Air Mauritius flying to Mauritius island.
  • Air Seychelles with scheduled flights to the Seychelles.
  • Comoren Aviation, delivering passengers to the Comoros archipelago.
  • Kenia Airways connecting the capital of Madagascar with Nairobi.

Resort destination

The small international airport of Madagascar, located on the island of Nosy Be off the northern coast of the country, despite its size, is one of the busiest in the region. Hundreds of thousands of passengers fly here every year who want to relax in the best beach resorts off the southeastern coast of the black continent..
At the airport of Madagascar on the island of Nosy Be, planes of the national carrier regularly land, delivering passengers from Antananarivo, Antsiranan, Johannesburg and even Marseille. Seasonal charters are operated by Neos from Italy, connecting the beaches of Madagascar with Rome and Milan.

Transfer and services

International airports in Madagascar offer their passengers to use the infrastructure and services provided while waiting for a flight. In the departure lounge, you can shop at souvenir and duty-free shops and have a bite to eat at the café. On arrival, currency exchange offices are open and a taxi service is available.
A popular type of transfer is the delivery of tourists to the selected hotel by hotel transport.