Capital of Madagascar: map, photo. What is the capital city in Madagascar?

Antananarivo - the capital of Madagascar

There are cities on the planet whose names are impossible to remember the first time and difficult to pronounce, for example, Antananarivo - the capital of Madagascar. Local cunning residents have found a way out, shortening this name to cute and affectionate - Tana.

The city has found a cozy place for itself, occupies two hills and a valley between them. A tourist arriving in the capital of sunny Madagascar is presented with a beautiful picture - many fabulous staircases consisting of houses, terraces, balconies. I would like to get lost in this amazing maze, discovering the secrets and mysteries of the old city.

Cultural and natural attractions

Do not think that Madagascar and its main city are far from civilization and can only offer a paradise beach holiday on the ocean. Travelers are surprised by the large number of palaces in the capital of the state, which are its main attractions. The main sights of the city: the palaces of Ruva Ambuhimang; Presidential palace; prime minister's palace.

Antananarivo also surprises with its other architectural masterpieces. Walking through the city center, you can see the chic buildings that house the National Library and the Izutri Theater.

The residents of the capital are proud of their natural resources, which is why you can often find descriptions of the most famous park in the city, Tsimbaza, in tourist brochures. This is not just a place for walking for townspeople and tourists, a botanical garden is located here, scientific work is underway, and all guests can admire the achievements of scientists..

In addition to this park, it is also good to walk through the Besareti garden - a very picturesque place, or to the Anusi lake. On the map of Antananarivo, you can also find museums, one of them contains rich paleontological collections, which will tell the visitor about the ancient representatives of the fauna kingdom that lived in these places. In the archaeological museum you can get acquainted with artifacts, witnesses of the life of people, the first inhabitants of the island.

Antananarivo has been the capital of the state of Madagascar for just over fifty years. Once it was impossible to build stone buildings here, so only the royal palace was built from this material. Over the years, its architectural appearance has changed significantly, now it is one of the most beautiful cities on the island..