Season in Madagascar. When is the holiday season in Madagascar?

Season in Madagascar

The holiday season in Madagascar lasts all year round, but it is best to visit the islands in May-October (“dry season”). Tourist activity decreases in December-March - the reason for this is the uncomfortable water temperature (above +30 degrees) and frequent precipitation. In addition, heavy rains and increased activity of dangerous insects can interfere with excursion rest..

Tourist season in Madagascar

  • Spring: in spring the air warms up to + 25-31 degrees (it all depends on the region). Madagascar is not worth visiting in March (and even in January and February) because of the prevailing southeast trade winds in the east (it causes intense rainfall). More favorable weather at this time in the center and western regions of the island (there is less rainfall). For the purpose of relaxation, you can come to the island in mid-April, when the rains are significantly reduced and it becomes not so hot.
  • Summer: at this time the Malagasy winter begins (the air and water temperature becomes moderate) and is comfortable for swimming and excursions.
  • Autumn: until November, you can safely go to the island for beach and sightseeing holidays, and from November showers and thunderstorms begin.
  • Winter: The winter months are the Malagasy summer. This time is not the best option for swimming (high water temperature, stormy winds). During the day you can practice kite and windsurfing, and in the evening you can participate in excursion programs.

Beach season in Madagascar

The water in the Indian Ocean is warm all year round, but it is better to come here for swimming in May-October (water temperature + 23-27 degrees). It is worth considering that you can not swim on all Malagasy beaches - lagoons and bays are suitable for this purpose., “marked” coral reefs (if you neglect this advice, then there is a high probability of meeting predatory sharks).

For relaxation, you should give preference to the Nosy Be archipelago and the island of St. Mary - here you will find tropical nature, beaches with white sand, clear water, water sports. The best beaches in Nosy Be are Andilana, beaches of nearby coral islands Ankarea, Nosy Iranya, Nosy Koba.


The duration of the diving season in Madagascar is May-early December (visibility - 30-40 m). Due to strong waves, muddy water and frequent rains, not the best time for diving is mid-December-March.

The local ocean depths are home to barracudas, conger eels, stingrays, turtles, tiger and reef sharks, groupers, surgeon fish, blue and black marlins, sailfish, various molluscs. Best Dive Sites: Nosy Be, Ifaty, Salary Bay, St. Marie Island.

Whale and Shark Watching

Humpback whales can be seen in June-September by visiting the islands of Nosy Be and Ile Sainte-Marie. And you can watch sharks in September-January. This can be done from the side of the ship or by submerging under water in a special cage (its role is a protective function).

On vacation in Madagascar, you will find mangrove forests, tame lemurs, waterfalls, baobab alleys, national parks and reserves, extinct volcanoes, sandy beaches, pirate cemeteries, ancient ruins.