Resorts of Madagascar: photos, description

Resorts of Madagascar

Drifting off the southeastern shores of the black continent, the island of Madagascar, like a small continent, is rich in special exoticism. Here you can find unique species of plants and animals that cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet, and the local landscapes abound with volcanoes and tropical forests. The beach resorts of Madagascar cannot boast of the "all inclusive" hotels familiar to Russian tourists, and therefore the rest here is special - moderately exotic and very informative.

For or Against?

Holidays in the resorts of Madagascar are usually carried out by very sophisticated travelers, for whom the usual beach relaxation is no longer of interest, and excursion programs in popular tourist destinations are covered far and wide. Wealthy people fly here, ready to pay only a very round sum for the flight..

  • You can get to an exotic island with a docking in Europe, and a full flight will take at least 15 hours, but this does not become an obstacle for true fans to discover new and unknown lands..
  • Among other inconveniences accompanying tourists in this corner of the world are the need for vaccination against malaria and strict rules for drinking water, which should be bottled even for brushing your teeth..
  • Going on independent excursions, it is important to be careful and attentive and not to show the locals expensive cameras or too solid wallets..

Make friends with whales

Pirate novels are the favorite books of dreamers on all continents. You can try to find the treasures hidden by sea robbers in the famous resort of Madagascar - the island of St. Mary. Once upon a time, it was here that pirates hid from the authorities, hiding along the way valuables looted in endless wanderings on the seas.
The island of St. Mary today is kilometers of magnificent white beaches, sheltered from prying eyes by palm thickets. Diving and snorkeling are flourishing here, and the main feature of all guests of the island is boat trips to the whales. Humpback whales walk along the coast of St. Mary, allowing excursion boats to a distance of less than a hundred meters.

Baobab forest

The most popular resort in Madagascar is Morondava in the west of the island. Just an hour's flight from the capital of the country, endless beaches are stretched on the ocean coast, where fans of tranquility and solitude prefer to indulge in tropical pleasures. Hotels in Morondava are the most comfortable on the entire coast of the island, and the local landmark - the avenue of millennial baobabs - invariably serves as a background for luxurious photo sessions in the rays of the setting sun..