Food in Madagascar. Food prices in Madagascar: food

Traditional Madagascar cuisine

The cuisine in Madagascar is represented by not very spicy dishes, but it is worth considering that quite spicy sauces are served here for some dishes. It is worth noting that you will spend more money on food in Antananarivo (the capital of the island) and resort places such as Nosybe than in places located in the countryside..

Food in Madagascar

Malagasy cuisine was formed under the influence of African and Malay gastronomic traditions, but recently, dishes that are prepared in Arabic and European, in particular French, have become very popular on the island..

The diet of the inhabitants of Madagascar consists of rice, corn, meat, fish, seafood (lobsters, oysters, sea urchins, shrimps, crabs), vegetables, dairy products.

In Madagascar, you should enjoy the taste of white fish stew with tomatoes and zucchini (“Trundru Gasi”); salad, the main ingredients of which are carrots, legumes and cabbage (“lasarikarauti”); grilled beef with tomatoes, ginger and onions (“rumazawa”); pork stewed with bambara nuts (“wuangjuburi”); beans with tomato-based sauce (“tsaramases”); salad based on rice, spices and shrimp (“anana”); local goose liver; beef with mashed cassava and coconut leaves (“ravitutu”). On the island, dishes based on zebu meat are widespread, so it is worth trying the zebu dish, which is served with tomato-garlic sauce, or grilled zebu meat, pre-seasoned with aromatic herbs..

And sweet tooths can order coconut or rice puddings, fruits (coconuts, bananas, lychees, pineapples, guava, mango, persimmon) for dessert, various pies with sweet fillings.

In Madagascar you can eat:

  • in cafes and restaurants, visitors of which can taste national, as well as dishes of European and Eastern cuisines;
  • in hotel restaurants (prices are quite high).

Drinks in Madagascar

Popular Malagasy drinks are ranonapango (boiling water + burnt rice), “caprice” (various carbonated drinks), coffee (locals prefer to drink local, Ethiopian and Yemeni varieties), fruit juices, mineral water “O-Viv”, beer, wine, rum, “lychel” (lychee aperitif), toakagasy (local vodka made with rice or sugarcane).

While relaxing on the island it is worth trying “Kazenev” (dark rum), “Dzama” (white rum), “Flash” (local beer), wine (“Remy's house”, “Domain de Manzmisua”, “LasaniBetsileu”).

Food tour to Madagascar

Going on a gastronomic tour to Madagascar, you will visit rice and wheat fields, in villages, the owners of which will treat you with national dishes and drinks. If you wish, a trip to Isalo National Park and a picnic in a green oasis can be arranged for you.

Holidays in Madagascar are an excellent choice for those who love exotic and adventure: here you can walk in tropical forests, sunbathe on white sandy beaches, see high mountains, long rivers and extinct volcanoes, as well as taste national dishes.

Photos of national dishes of Madagascar