Taxi in Kuala Lumpur - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Kuala Lumpur

Taxi in Kuala Lumpur

Taxi in Kuala Lumpur

Taxis in Kuala Lumpur are one of the most popular types of transport, and all thanks to their widespread use and attractive prices..

Local taxis are red and white (low-cost carrier companies), yellow and blue (these taxis have higher prices) cars equipped with checkered cars with the inscription “Teksi”. Under this caption you will see a postscript: “berkupon” (the calculation is carried out on a prepayment basis, i.e. the passenger first pays for the trip to the desired destination at the taxi operator's counter, after which he gets into the car, the number of which is indicated on the check, and drives in the right direction) or “bermeter” (payment by counter).

Taxi services in Kuala Lumpur

There is nothing easier than finding a free taxi in Kuala Lumpur - a car that will take you to the right address can be stopped right on the street, hired at specialized parking lots, or called by phone. If you are interested in the possibility of ordering a taxi by phone, the numbers of well-known taxi companies will come in handy: Blue Cab Malaysia: + 60 3 8948 2193; Sunlight Taxi: + 60 1300 800 222; ComfortTaxi: + 60 3 8024 0507.

Important: you can often find unlicensed cars, the drivers of which are waiting for potential customers at the airport - it is not recommended to resort to their services (the cost of the trip will be several times higher than the official rates). In order not to run into such drivers, in the arrivals area, contact the staff of the counters of the official taxi operators.

Motorcycle and cycle rickshaws in Kuala Lumpur

Anyone who wants to feel the exoticism of this Malaysian city should take a ride on such transport. As a rule, a trip by motorcycle and cycle rickshaws is more expensive than a regular taxi, but the price will directly depend on your ability to negotiate with the driver - bargain.

Taxi cost in Kuala Lumpur

To figure out how much a taxi costs in Kuala Lumpur, the following information will help:

  • the cost of the trip is calculated based on the price of 3 ringgit / first km, and the next - 1-2 ringgit / 1 km;
  • when ordering a car by phone, passengers are charged 2 ringgit;
  • for a simple car and waiting, you will pay 3 ringgit / 3 minutes (after that you will have to pay 10 sen for every 30 seconds), and for luggage - 1 ringgit / 1 seat;
  • at night rate (24: 00-06: 00) the trip will cost 1.5 times more than by day.

So, the cost of a short trip around the city costs 10 ringgit. If you are planning to travel long distances, you should use special route taxis, which often do not have meters, so it is advisable to check the fare before boarding. If you do not want to overpay, then it is best to pay for a taxi ride in local currency..

The capital of Malaysia offers its guests to move around the city by buses, metro, monorail, and also by taxi.

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  • Taxi in Kuala Lumpur
  • Taxi in Kuala Lumpur
  • Taxi in Kuala Lumpur