Holidays in Malaysia in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in Malaysia in September

Holidays in Malaysia in September

Holidays in Malaysia in September

The weather conditions that are set in Malaysia in September can really please. If you want to postpone the onset of autumn, the best solution would be a vacation in Malaysia in September.

Weather in Malaysia in September

The air in Kuala Lumpur warms up to +32 degrees, in Kuching - up to +31 degrees. By nightfall, the air can cool down to + 22 ... + 23 degrees. Thus, the warmth will delight you at any time of the day. You can enjoy swimming, because the sea warms up to +30 degrees. Agree, these conditions are the most favorable in order to enjoy your stay on gorgeous beaches!

In September, high humidity sets in on the west coast, and there are frequent winds, rains and storms. If you want to enjoy clear weather, the absence of strong winds and storms, and a calm sea, the east is the best direction, because this is where precipitation is unlikely. When deciding to travel to Borneo, be prepared for the start of a transitional season from dry to rainy here. In mountainous areas, it often rains and the air is 8-10 degrees cooler.

Holidays and festivals in Malaysia in September

Cultural activities in Malaysia in September can be truly delightful. So what activities attract tourists?

  • In mid-September (12-24), an international high seas fishing competition is held annually. Thanks to competitions, many tourists decide to spend their holidays in the small town of Rompin. Without a doubt, the opportunity to see the competition of anglers who came not only from Malaysia, but also from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, USA, Great Britain cannot be overemphasized.
  • In September, the Malaysia Festival is held for two weeks. The main events are held in Kuala Lumpur, and all states of the state participate in them. On the 16th, all residents of the country celebrate Malaysia Day in memory of the creation of the federation in 1963.
  • The Festival is held in September «Muncake», celebrated by the Malaysian Chinese in memory of China's victory over the Mongols during the reign of the Yuan dynasty.

In Malaysia, you can enjoy beach holidays and exciting activities while enjoying a rich cultural experience. Experience firsthand that September is the perfect place to travel to Malaysia!

Holiday photos in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in September
  • Holidays in Malaysia in September