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Diving in the Maldives

Diving in the Maldives

Diving in the Maldives, like a beach holiday, is superbly organized. The Maldives are made for diving. Any reef you choose to explore will reveal an amazing underwater world..

House reef

Literally translated as «house reef». There is such a place on every island of the archipelago. Here you can always find a couple of sea eels, look at the scorpion fish resting on the surface of the reef and, of course, huge multicolored flocks of guppies, butterfly fish, surgeon fish and angel fish.

Barracuda Giri

The dive site is a sea mountain located at the foot of North Male Atoll. The diversity of the atoll makes it one of the best diving spots in terms of velvety reef territory. Barracuda Giri seems to be cut by a canyon, and soft corals have chosen the northern part of the peak.

As it is quite clear from the name of the town, the main representatives of the local fauna are barracuda. But not only they like the atoll. White-tip reef sharks, sea pikes and tuna feel at ease here..

Blue Lagoon

An excellent dive site, which is located on a reef that begins near the island of Girifushi and ends at North Male. Both sides of the backwater are relatively shallow and have a very weak current. The underwater landscape is decorated with many coral gardens that form peculiar alleys and plateaus.

Coral garden

The Coral Garden can be found near the same reef. There are two dive areas worth noting. The first is a mound of so-called star coral, which has become home to numerous eels, stingray, stone cod and colorful guppies..

The reef, approaching Girifushi, forms a completely protected stone bowl, the coral vegetation of which is simply amazing. Graceful corals have built completely unique compositions: some resemble huge fairytale castles, while others resemble giant mushrooms.

Lion head

One of the most famous dive sites where you can watch sharks hunting for fish. The place received such an unusual name due to the huge part that broke away from the reef. Visually, it is very similar to the head of the king of beasts. The Lion's Head belongs to the house reef of North Male Atoll.

Gray reef sharks are the main inhabitants of these places. When diving, you can see several individual individuals at the same time, but quite suddenly a small flock of up to 15 individuals can rise from the depth.


  • Diving in the Maldives
  • Diving in the Maldives
  • Diving in the Maldives