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Traditional cuisine of Moldova

Food in Moldova is, first of all, national cuisine, which is somewhat similar to Greek, Ukrainian, Turkish, Jewish and Russian cuisines, but at the same time it is original and has its own special character.

Moldovan dishes are not only bright, original, have a rich taste and aroma, but many of them are the standard of healthy eating..

Food in Moldova

The diet of Moldovans is made up of vegetables, fruits, meat (lamb, veal, pork, beef, poultry), legumes. To give their dishes an exquisite taste, they complement them with a variety of herbs and spices (the most popular are cloves, tarragon, savory, pepper, garlic).

A popular dish in the country is mamalyga - corn porridge served with milk, feta cheese, muzhdey (garlic sauce).

In Moldova, it is worth trying jellied rooster, chorbe (meat or poultry soup), zame (soup based on chicken, chicken or rooster), kostitsu (baked pork), mititei (minced beef sausages), twirl (roll wrapped in a spiral stuffed with potatoes, cottage cheese, pumpkin, eggs and onions), sarmale (cabbage rolls).

Of the sweets, by all means, you should enjoy halva, shortcrust pastry cakes, jelly and nougat made from fruits, kitonoage (apple and quince marshmallow).

Where to eat in Moldova? At your service:

  • restaurants of national cuisine;
  • cafes and canteens;
  • bars;
  • bistros and pizzerias.

Drinks in Moldova

Popular drinks of Moldovans are milk, compotes, juices, tea, coffee, must, kvass, cherry, raspberry liqueur, homemade vodka (rakia), grape wines.

Wine in Moldova is drunk with almost any dish - with hominy, meat, vegetable dishes and desserts (sherry with the aroma of fruits, nuts or field herbs is excellent for sweets).

Gastronomic tour to Moldova

Going on a gastronomic trip to Moldova, you can take advantage of city or rural tours. If you opt for rural gastronomic tours, you will be able to make trips to the vineyards, taste fine wines at wineries, visit the farms where you can taste the products in the places where they are produced. And as part of the city tour, you will visit local restaurants that will delight you with gastronomic delights.

If you go on a gastronomic tour to Chisinau, stop at an agritourist boarding house, in the courtyard of which there are beds with vegetables - the vegetables you collect are used to prepare dishes that will be fed to you at lunch.

Traveling around Moldova, you will be able to taste the dishes of Moldovan cuisine, which have not only an attractive appearance, but also high taste..

Photos of national dishes of Moldova