Railways of Moldova - map, website, photo

Railways of Moldova

Traveling by train in Moldova is an opportunity to see beautiful landscapes and spend time comfortably. Trains are a popular form of transport in this country. Railways of Moldova border on Ukrainian and Romanian railways.

Characteristics of the railway sphere

The network has an operational length of 1329 km. There are no electrified roads in the country. The main stations are Chisinau, Ungheni, Basarabeasca, Ocnita, Balti-Slobodzeya.

In Moldova, there is an acute problem of repair and modernization of railways. Many sites have been awaiting renovation work for 15 years. Therefore, on such tracks, the speed of trains is limited to 40 km / h. More than 274 km of the road needs urgent overhaul.

The country's railway network has an outdated infrastructure. There are over seven thousand freight cars in the park, of which 80% are dilapidated. Moldova is gradually modernizing its rolling stock in accordance with European standards. Comfortable trains are equipped with first and second class carriages.

Trains and routes

On the territory of Moldova, suburban trains run, as well as international long-distance trains. Several trains follow from Russia and back. For example, St. Petersburg - Chisinau, Saratov - Varna.

Two trains Moscow - Chisinau move between the Russian capital and Moldova every day. Train # 61 runs daily on the route St. Petersburg - Chisinau. Trains do not run from other Russian regions to Moldova. From Chisinau to Bucharest there is a night train through Iasi and Ungheni. There is a transit train through Chisinau, going from Odessa to Chernivtsi. Passengers are offered seats on the branded train «Moldova», which goes from Moscow to Chisinau. It is equipped with compartment and reserved seat carriages. The train is distinguished by a high level of comfort and good service. The cars have air conditioners and bathrooms.

Travel conditions and timetables for trains on the railways of Moldova are presented on the website railway.md. There you can also see a list of paid services that are offered to passengers at stations and railway stations. Advance ticket sales start 30 days prior to train departure. Additional paid service - home delivery of tickets. On the way, passengers are offered tea, mineral water, candy boxes and bedding. A train ticket can be purchased online, and then the electronic voucher can be exchanged for a paper ticket at the station ticket office.

Photos of trains and rail maps of Moldova