Monaco airports - list of Monaco international airports

Airports in Monaco

Airports in Monaco

This small European principality is famous for its casinos and the famous Formula 1 circuit. And also only expensive yachts and cars are parked here, which can be pleasant even to look at. The feeling of impending luxury is already present at the airport. Monaco does not have its own, but the one in Nice is the closest and best on the Mediterranean Cote d'Azur.
Russian people wishing to pull their luck at the Monte Carlo casino arrive at Nice airport on the wings of Aeroflot or Air France. Their aircraft fly daily from Moscow, spending only 4 hours on the road. Paris airport is also suitable for flights - Monaco in this case is a few hours of travel by train.

International airport and Monaco

The dwarf state simply has nowhere to locate a runway - it covers an area of ​​only two square kilometers. Neighboring Nice kindly came to the rescue, and the airport 7 km west of its center serves everyone who wants to visit the principality and Monegasques returning home or going around the world on their own business..

Airlines and destinations

Aircraft of various air carriers from many cities around the world regularly arrive at the third in terms of passenger turnover airport in France:

  • AirBaltic provides connections to Riga.
  • British Airways fly to London.
  • Brussels Airlines connects Monaco with Brussels.
  • Iberia Airlines operates regular flights to Madrid.
  • Estonian Air operates between Nice and Tallinn.
  • Ryanair provides flights to several European cities at budget prices.
  • Swiss International Air Lines have several flights from Geneva and Zurich in their schedule.
  • SAS fly to Scandinavian countries.
  • Lufthansa traditionally brings roulette fans from Frankfurt to the airport and to Monaco.
  • Air Canada flies transatlantic flights from Montreal.
  • TAP Portugal introduces the delights of the Côte d'Azur to the most western inhabitants of Europe.
  • Emirates gives even Arab sheikhs the opportunity to enjoy Formula 1 racing.
  • UIA helps Ukrainians to see not only the Black, but also the Mediterranean Sea.

Terminal 1 at Nice Airport receives major international flights and is responsible for the Russian direction. The second terminal is used by the French to transport compatriots to their cities and villages.

Transfer and services

While waiting for your flight at the airport from Monaco, you can have a snack in a restaurant and buy French cognac or perfume at Duty Free. Arriving in Nice, the easiest way is to rent a car and drive from the airport to Monaco along the very edge of the Côte d'Azur. Even seasoned travelers consider the La Corniche circuit one of the most scenic in the world. 20 km can be covered in half an hour if you are not distracted by photographing the amazing landscapes that open along the way.
Public transport transfers are available by train from Nice Riquer Station or the N100 bus, departing every 15 minutes from early morning until 20.30 from Place Garibaldi in Nice city center.


  • Airports in Monaco
  • Airports in Monaco