Prices in Budva - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Budva

Prices in Budva

Prices in Budva

Of all the resorts in Montenegro, Russian tourists distinguish Budva. This picturesque city is located on the coast and has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. We will tell you about the prices in Budva for accommodation and main entertainment..

Hotel selection

There is a wide range of hotels, apartments and hotels in Budva. Restaurants with different stars offer quality service. 5 * hotels are intended for a quiet elite rest. The hotel is very popular «Angela», where the ideal conditions for guests are created. The Avala Hotel has an excellent reputation among young people. You will have to pay almost 60 thousand rubles for one room. This cost includes the price of the air ticket. In a 3 * hotel, located 3 km from the center, a room for 1 night costs almost 1000 rubles.
The cost of living in Budva depends on the level of comfort and type of accommodation. The price is also influenced by factors such as proximity to the center of the resort and to the beach. The peak of the holiday season is from July to the end of September. During this period, the cost of rooms in hotels in Budva doubles. If you are interested in a budget vacation, then it is better to rent an apartment or a room in the private sector. You can rent accommodation directly at the resort's bus station, where landlords usually gather. Many tourists recommend booking rooms in Budva in advance.

Entertainment at the resort

The main goal of vacationers is to enjoy the sea bathing. Beaches in Budva stretch for tens of kilometers. There are areas with sand, small and large pebbles. A wonderful view of the sea opens from any part of the coast. In order not to get bored on vacation, tourists visit the entertainment facilities of the resort. Inflatable water parks operate on the beaches. Vacationers rent catamarans and paragliders, ride pleasure boats. Beach activities are inexpensive - from 5 to 40 euros.

Where to eat in Budva

You will definitely not go hungry at this resort. The restaurants offer European, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. You can have an inexpensive snack by ordering salads, pastries, pizza and snacks. The cost of lunch in a middle-class cafe is 15 - 25 euros. The most famous restaurants are located near the historical center of Budva: Picasso, Jdran, Mozart, etc. Budva is considered the most expensive resort in Montenegro. The highest prices are observed in the coastal area. If you want to save money, then visit cafes and restaurants away from the beaches. In the waterfront area, some restaurants serve small portions at overpriced prices. In a budget cafe, a cup of coffee costs at least 2.5 euros. Soup can be ordered for 3 euros, pizza for 4 euros. Take-away pizza is cheaper - about 1.5 euros.

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