Water parks in Budva - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Budva

Water parks in Budva

Wondering what to do on your vacation in Budva? The perfect entertainment for the whole family can be a visit to the beaches with gentle slopes into the sea and the local water park..

Aquapark in Budva

Aquapark “Mediteran” has:

  • 6 swimming pools and jacuzzi;
  • fountains, cascading paths, “lazy river”, along which you can slowly sail on “cheesecake”;
  • 10 water slides (extreme lovers will love the water attraction “Cyclone” - they will first slide along a closed pipe, then they will rotate inside a huge funnel, and at the end they will fall into a 1.7-meter-deep pool), and 2 of them are designed for kids;
  • areas with sun loungers for sunbathing;
  • tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts;
  • cafe and cocktail bar.

Important: vacationers with children should pay attention to the signs attached near each slide, which indicate the age restriction, and the rules for using them. In addition, you cannot come here with animals and bring food with drinks, and for storing things, there are special storage rooms located at the entrance..

The cost of admission for adults is 15 euros, and for 2-14 year olds - 10 euros. As for the hotel guests “Mediteran”, then for them the entrance to the water park is free.

Water activities in Budva

Fans of water sports should pay attention to the local beaches: Slovenska Beach (there is a beach lifeguard service, conditions for playing tennis and volleyball, water skiing and catamaran sailing, water polo and bangi jumping are available - the latter is possible thanks to the the end of the beach of a special design with a height of 40 m) and Jaz Beach (it is divided into 2 parts - sandy and small-pebble, and if you wish, you can ride a jet ski here).

It is worth noting that those who wish can go on a short cruise along the coast of the Budva Riviera. So, they will be offered to take a boat ride from Budva to the island of Sveti Nikola (a 10-minute trip costs 3-4 euros).

Miracle Park should not be deprived of your attention (prices: 15 euros / adult, 10 euros / child, parking - 1 euro / 1 hour) - visitors here are happy with the presence of various attractions, swimming pools and slides, a nightclub (popular with fans of dancing and cocktails ), as well as holding interesting events in the form of performances and games.

Diving enthusiasts will be able to explore the sunken ships lying in the water area of ​​the bay near Budva, as well as admire the coral reefs and swim along the underwater routes (the cost of 1 dive with an instructor is 40 euros). Places of interest for diving are Platamuni (near Jaz Beach), Svetionik lighthouse and Galiola (near St. Nicholas Island).


  • Water parks in Budva
  • Water parks in Budva