Holidays in Montenegro with children - photos, resorts

Holidays in Montenegro with children

Holidays in Montenegro with children

A trip to the sea is one of the favorite ways to spend the summer with children all over the world. A beach vacation gives a boost of health and vigor for the upcoming academic year, and interesting impressions allow children of all ages to remember exciting adventures on the seashore for a long time. When choosing resorts, you should pay attention to rest in Montenegro with children, because it is here that it is possible to inexpensively combine pleasant relaxation with a rich and active excursion program.

For or Against?

Rest in Montenegro with children has its pros and cons, which will have to be carefully weighed when planning a vacation:

  • The ideal climate and the long swimming season allow you to relax in comfort and avoid too long acclimatization.
  • Montenegrin cuisine is well suited for children, and large portions of Montenegrin restaurants allow you to save money when ordering lunch or dinner.
  • Hotels in Montenegro are quite diverse both in location and in the cost of rooms, but when booking it is worthwhile to clarify the possibilities and amenities of each hotel specifically for children's holidays.
  • The disadvantage of resting in Montenegro with children may turn out to be not very comfortable beaches for bathing young travelers. Some of them are concrete slabs on the foreshore, others are overcrowded in the high season. The main beach surface is pebbles of various sizes, and sandy areas are usually too popular, and therefore it can be very problematic to find a place for a sun lounger on them..

Preparing properly

Standard medical insurance protects against unexpected expenses in case of emergency while on vacation. When choosing a hotel, it is important to study in detail the location of beaches that are convenient for swimming for babies and the availability of children's service. In a suitcase, you should find a place for special slippers, in which it will be convenient for a child to enter the water on rocky beaches.

Passwords, appearances, addresses

The town of Petrovac is the most popular among other Montenegrin beach resorts. Despite the large number of people who want to enjoy the sea and the sun here, in the vicinity of Petrovac there are a couple of beaches where you can enjoy both peace and solitude. These are Buryalitsa and Lucice, which are easy to reach on foot from any city hotel..
In Kotor, rest in Montenegro with children will seem attractive to lovers of wildlife. Many species of rare birds nest in the vicinity of the city, which can be observed in their natural habitat..


  • Holidays in Montenegro with children
  • Holidays in Montenegro with children