Holidays in Morocco in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Morocco in October

Holidays in Morocco in October

Holidays in Morocco in October

October - mid-autumn ... This month is perfect for a long-awaited trip to Morocco, because the weather conditions can be called ideal.

October weather in Morocco

Warm and clear days continue to delight travelers. Heat and stuffiness in the past. The temperature regime depends on the province, because it is due to the difference in relief.

In Marrakech it can be + 27 ... + 28C during the day, and in the first decade + 30 ... + 31C. The air cools down to + 15 ... + 19C by night. In Agadir, daily temperature fluctuations are + 15 ... + 26C. This difference is explained by the fact that there is a desert nearby. The Atlantic resorts, which include Essaouira, Casablanca and Rabat, do not allow you to enjoy the real warmth. The maximum temperature readings are + 23C. In the Mediterranean it can be + 25C during the day and + 17C at night. In the mountains during the day it can be a maximum of +12 degrees.

Precipitation in the northern regions differs in frequency. Elsewhere, however, Morocco has a maximum of 5 rainy days, making an umbrella unnecessary..

Holidays and festivals in Morocco in October

In October, numerous autumn holidays are held, which are dedicated to the end of the harvest..

More than a million date palms grow in a small town called Erfoud. After the harvest is successful, the real fun begins. The holiday is organized by the Berbers, who have fun for three days. Everyone can see national dances and enjoy beautiful music. An obligatory part of the celebration is tasting dishes, for the preparation of which dates are used.

In some years, Fez hosts the Festival of Culinary Arts, which allows you to appreciate the dishes prepared by talented Moroccan and Western chefs. Both festivals attract many people.

Prices for travel to Morocco in October

Holidays in Morocco in October are possible for people with different financial capabilities. Savings can be achieved by lowering fares for flights and hotels. Despite the fact that the tourist flow is decreasing, almost all hotels are full and it is important to take care of travel arrangements in advance..

Enjoy your time in Morocco in October, because this month is considered one of the best!

Holiday photos in Morocco

  • Holidays in Morocco in October
  • Holidays in Morocco in October