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Diving in Norway

Diving in Norway

Diving in Norway, despite the cold climate and cold water, is not only possible, but must be called unique. It is thanks to the harsh climatic conditions that the underwater landscapes are distinguished by their characteristic vegetation..

Maelstrom Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen is the most famous and powerful whirlpool of the entire planet. And this is a very interesting place to dive. His area was chosen by huge catfish as their permanent habitat. There are also large schools of fish of other species..


This dive site will be of interest to those who love wrecks. Here you can see the ships that went down during the Second World War. Many of them have been preserved in excellent condition..

Lofoten islands

The most beautiful place in the country. Moreover, nature is incredibly beautiful both on the territory of the islands and at the bottom of their sea area. Moskenesstraumen is another famous whirlpool, compared to a diving Eldorado: a uniquely beautiful underwater world of algae, crystal clear water, numerous schools of fish and wrecks of wrecked ships. In winter, killer whales like to swim here..


Narvik is the real capital of Norwegian wreck diving. The wreckage of the wrecked ships belonging to Germany, England and Norway have been at the bottom since the distant 1940. Lake Nartvikwanne is home to a real German fighter plane.

Sørland region

The southern coast of the country is a huge wreck site. But in addition to this, the water area of ​​the region offers divers an amazingly beautiful underwater world..


The dive sites here are famous for their seaweed gardens. In addition, there are vertical dives along sheer coral rocks, shipwrecks and the opportunity to hunt for crabs. All this attracts many fans of the underwater world here..

Trondheims fjord

This is a real fairy tale for davers and marine biologists from all over the world who are striving here in search of a deep-sea exclusive. Here you can also see the wreckage of military equipment that fell here during the air battles of World War II..

Finnmark County

The province's water area is teeming with crabs. A huge king crab can also be found here. Diving centers offer special "crab" dives, where you can not only catch this sea dweller, but also then cook and eat.
The town of Kirkenes will be of interest to wreck divers. Here you can see sunken aircraft and warships.

Möre province

Diving here will offer you a huge variety of algae, acquaintance with different types of fish, as well as the opportunity to explore deep gorges, where, with a certain amount of luck, you can find an interesting little thing.
The Skodjestraumen whirlpool will appeal to fans of the so-called downstream diving.


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