Holidays in Norway in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Norway in May

Holidays in Norway in May

Holidays in Norway in May

An amazing Scandinavian country in the minds of many tourists is inhabited by harsh and courageous people like Fridtjof Nansen and Thor Heyerdahl. In addition, the fame of the land of invincible Vikings and terrible Valkyries attracts mystical travelers here. Such tourists dream of finding traces of the presence of these legendary characters. Holidays in Norway in May and a rich excursion program help dreams come true.

The myth of Norwegian seriousness

All tourists who first come to the northern territories of the Scandinavian Peninsula are immediately surprised by the owners, no harshness and ice in the eyes, cordiality, attention and respect for the client, the desire to show all the charm of this harsh land.


The last month of spring in Norway is more likely equal to March in the middle Russian latitudes in terms of temperature. Therefore, when going here in May, a tourist is simply obliged to take warm clothes..

On the coast, the thermometer rises to +14 ° C (Bergen), +15 ° C (Oslo), in the interior of the country it is a couple of degrees colder. Of course, nature can surprise and please with real heat, but you should not hope for this, and if suddenly this happens, then just enjoy the warmth.

The May holidays

The last spring month in Norway is rich in celebrations and celebrations. On May 1, as in other countries, Labor Day is celebrated. It is customary for local residents to spend this day in the bosom of nature, collecting bouquets and green branches, which are then used to decorate houses..

Norway has survived the occupation and all the horror of the fascist regime, therefore, the Day of Liberation from Fascism in the country is treated very reverently. Only this holy day is celebrated on May 8, when the act of surrender was signed.

An interesting fact, but on the same day, or rather, at night, in Norway, for several years now, the Night of Women has been celebrated, a holiday invented by local feminists who demand the same rights for all.

All tourists who arrived in any city on May 17, become participants in solemn events in honor of the Norwegian constitution. The national spirit is everywhere, houses, cars and streets are decorated with national flags. Norwegians in national costumes arrange dances, songs, festive processions on the streets.

Tourist Oslo

The best time to spend in Norway in May is traveling through the beautiful northern capital. One day will obviously not be enough to see the city and appreciate the charm of the streets, the comfort of restaurants and the charm of the north..

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  • Holidays in Norway in May
  • Holidays in Norway in May