Where to eat in Krakow - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Krakow?

Where to eat in Krakow?

“Where to eat in Krakow?” - is one of the main questions that travelers ask themselves when visiting this Polish city. To services of guests of the city - cafes, restaurants, snack bars, dairy bars, tea houses.

In national establishments you can try Zurek - meat soup, flaki - giblet soup, szarotka - apple pie, Polish dumplings or dumplings with meat, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, bacon.

Where to eat in Krakow inexpensively?

You can eat inexpensively in dairy bars - for a full dinner of salad, soup, the second with meat and a drink, you will pay $ 7-9. Even cheaper, you can dine in the student canteens. For a budget snack, you can go to McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut.

In Krakow, you should definitely visit such picturesque places as the Balaton cafe - here, accompanied by heartfelt songs and dances, you will be treated to potato pies, goulash, aromatic meat soup..

In the city center you will find Cherubino - entering this restaurant, you will sit in a real carriage, stylized in the 19th century. It serves Polish cuisine, a variety of alcoholic drinks and cocktails (prices are moderate in the restaurant).

Where to eat in Krakow delicious?

  • Pod Baranem: this traditional Polish restaurant specializes in Polish cuisine - here you can taste Old Polish duck, Polish chicken, various dishes of game, meat, fish, mushrooms.
  • Chlopskie jadlo: This establishment serves peasant food - soups, including zurek (fermented flour solution with egg and sausage), kvass (thick rib soup with sauerkraut), chicken rolls with cheese, ham and pepper, various meat dishes and steaks.
  • “Vezhinek”: The menu of this Polish restaurant includes Polish dumplings, cabbage rolls, bigos, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. For desserts, you can try cottage cheese, apple or honey cake. From Friday to Sunday, a folk music concert will be waiting for you here.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac: This restaurant invites its guests to feast on culinary delights of French cuisine (the chef of this establishment is creative in preparing dishes, not forgetting about traditional recipes). Here you should definitely try the specialties - game dishes.
  • Del Papa: This Italian restaurant serves classic pasta with delicious sauces, seafood dishes and interesting signature dishes.

Gastronomic excursions in Krakow

On excursions “Gastronomic Krakow” you will visit local establishments, including a restaurant “Vezhinka”, taste Polish cuisine and learn the secret recipe for the original Galician mulled wine.

Adults and children, if they wish, can attend a master class at the Krakow Chocolate Workshop - here they will tell you about the history of chocolate, teach you how to paint with chocolate on confectionery, make sweets by hand (the final stage of the event is tasting).

In addition to numerous Polish establishments, in Krakow you will find Italian, French, Chinese and other restaurants..


  • Where to eat in Krakow?
  • Where to eat in Krakow?
  • Where to eat in Krakow?