Lisbon Zoo - photo, price, opening hours. How to get to the zoo in Lisbon

Lisbon Zoo

Lisbon Zoo

The idea of ​​creating a zoo in Lisbon appeared in 1882. The owner of a private menagerie, Dr. Van Der Lahn and Souz Martins, professor at the School of Medicine and Surgical, went on a trip to Europe to study the experience of foreign colleagues. The result of their work was the zoo, which opened in 1884, in which there were more than 1,100 animals at once - generous donations were made by the royal family and wealthy citizens of the city..

Zoological garden in Lisbon

About a million visitors come here every year to see hundreds of animal species, many of which are endangered. The name of the zoo in Lisbon is synonymous with the painstaking work of scientists to preserve the species, because small gorillas and Siberian tigers, chimpanzees and crocodiles were born here many times.
One of the most beautiful in the Old World, the Portuguese zoo invites visitors to admire hundreds of colorful birds and exotic butterflies and get a hefty portion of positive emotions at the performances of dolphins and fur seals.

Pride and achievement

The largest zoo in Portugal has unique exhibitions that allow you to observe animals in their natural habitat. The pride of the organizers is one of the best reptile collections in the world. The "Enchanted Forest" with iguanas and pythons, a contact farm where pets can be fed and cuddled, the "Birds in Free Flight" pavilion and "Rainbow Park" are worthy of visitors' attention..

How to get there?

The entrance is located in Piazza Umberto Delgado. The easiest way to get here is via the blue line of the Lisbon metro - Zoo stop.
Bus lines 701, 716, 731, 754, 758 and 770 also run through the zoo. The stop is called Sete-Rios - "Semirechye".
Zoo address - Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado, 1549-004 Lisboa, Portugal.

Helpful information

The Lisbon Zoo has two seasons and the opening hours are different in each:

  • In the period from March 21 to September 20, the park is open from 10.00 to 20.00 (the last visitor will sell a ticket 45 minutes before closing).
  • From September 21 to March 20, the park is open from 10.00 to 18.00, and the ticket office closes an hour earlier.

The entrance ticket price depends on the age of the guests and their number in the group:

  • Children under 3 years old can visit the park for free.
  • Children from 3 to 11 years old enjoy benefits and a ticket for them costs 13.50 euros.
  • Adults under 64 years old will have to pay € 19.00 for entry.
  • Elderly visitors can buy a ticket for 15.00 euros.
  • For members of groups of 15 or more people, the entrance fee will be 17.00 euros per each.

You can confirm the right to benefits by presenting an ID card with a photo.

Services and contacts

If you come to the park in a rented car, then it is better to leave it in the parking lot opposite the main entrance. There is also a parking lot for bicycles..
Official site -
Phone +351 21 723 2900

Photos of the zoo in Lisbon

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