Traditions of Qatar - customs, photo

Traditions of Qatar

One of the states of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is increasingly gaining a reputation as a beach resort. He is still far from such recognized monsters as Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but Russian tourists are increasingly seen on the beaches of Doha. For travelers who find themselves in this hot, but very hospitable corner of the planet, it will be interesting to get acquainted with the traditions of Qatar and the peculiarities of the life of local residents..

Not a single beach

The traditions of Qatar are dictated and regulated by the Muslim religion, and therefore the rules of conduct are quite strict here. The residents of the emirate themselves do not sunbathe or swim. The Qataris have many other interesting activities, one of which is handicrafts. Once here, even at the time of flight connections, tourists can buy interesting souvenirs and products of Arab craftsmen. The most popular are gold and silver jewelry. They may seem a little rough or heavy to sophisticated people, but true connoisseurs of the Arabian jewelry style will appreciate them..
Daggers and Arab lamps made of copper and multi-colored glass, figurines cast from bronze, and colored rugs made of camel wool are no less loved by tourists. From Qatar, by tradition, they bring real Iranian henna, handmade hookahs and jewelry boxes skillfully carved from wood..

We ask to the table!

In the Qatari national cuisine there are many dishes from Iran and India, its traditions were influenced by the peculiarities of the cuisine of the inhabitants of the Maghreb countries and Arab tribes. The main traditions of Qatar in cooking are the observance of the laws of halal. This is the name of what is permitted from the Sharia point of view. Halal meat is a food that does not violate Muslim food prohibitions.
In addition to meat dishes, the cuisine of Qatar offers guests seafood and rice, various vegetables and fruits. Eastern sweets for dessert is another tradition of Qatar, which is especially popular with the beautiful half of humanity. The residents of the emirate themselves spend hours in coffee houses in the company of friends or relatives and taste all kinds of cakes and pastries, sorbets and puddings.
Alcoholic drinks in the country can be bought or ordered only in hotels or restaurants that have a special license to trade in alcohol. In any case, drinking alcohol on the street or in public places that are not provided for this is punishable by heavy fines.