Capital of Qatar: map, photo. What is the capital city in Qatar?

Doha - the capital of Qatar

Near Saudi Arabia is a small state with a population of approximately 1.9 million. Despite its small size, Qatar has the 3rd largest natural gas reserves in the world. It is a very rich country, and the capital of Qatar, Doha, is a very developed and progressive city. Doha is home to almost half of the entire population of the state.


Doha is no exception: it is as hot here as it is on the entire peninsula. Deserted tropical climate, unbearable heat, reaching 45 degrees, and no rain. You need to get used to such weather conditions, so tourists visiting the state feel ill at ease at first. An abnormal phenomenon for these places was observed twice in 1992 - then the air temperature dropped to 5 degrees with a plus sign.

Interesting Facts

It is noteworthy that most of the population is not indigenous people, but immigrants. Representatives of different nationalities come here. Most of them are from Asia, but there are also Norwegians, Americans, French, Africans and many others. Today, visitors have the right to buy and own land, but in the recent past, this practice was prohibited..

The main profit for the state, of course, comes from oil and gas production. But recently, the country's leadership has decided to go the other way. More and more emphasis is being placed on attracting tourists. Qatar plans to soon compete with the UAE in terms of the number of guests, as well as the variety of attractions. And not the last place in this regard is occupied by Doha, because it is here that every traveler and guest of the country is sent first of all..

The cultural component of the capital

It's no secret that Doha is also considered the cultural center of the state. A huge number of theaters, universities, monuments and much more are concentrated here. Among the main cultural centers of the capital are the following: National Library; Great Mosque; National University; Ethnographical museum.

Various sports competitions take not the last place in the life of the city. In 2000, international athletics competitions were held here. 2006 was the year of the Asian Games. Doha will become one of the few cities in Qatar to host World Cup matches in 2022.