How long is the flight from Doha to Moscow? Doha - Moscow flight time

How long is the flight from Doha to Moscow?

In Doha, you had fun at an amusement park “Aladdin’s Kingdom”, examined the exhibits exhibited in the National Museum of Qatar and the Museum of Weapons, saw the fortress of Al-Zubar and a rare species of antelope - white oryx in the reserve “Shahaniyya”, Have you visited falconry and camel races, have a rest on the El Cornish beach? A few more days and you will find yourself in Moscow?

How long to fly from Doha to Moscow (direct flight)?

Doha and Moscow are separated by 3,500 km (the trip will last 5 hours). For example, cover this distance in “Qatar Airways” travelers will succeed in 5 hours 10 minutes (landing airport - “Domodedovo”).

You should ask about the cost of a Doha-Moscow ticket in advance: on average, its price is 23,900 rubles..

Doha-Moscow flight with connections

Popular connecting cities: Sharjah, Dubai, Amman, Baku, Manama, Bahrain or others (you will have to allocate from 9 to 23 hours for the trip). If the main carrier is “Qatar Airways”, you can get home via Beirut (in “Sheremetyevo” you will land 11 hours later, and before the 2nd flight you will have 4.5 hours), Ankara and Istanbul (you will fly for 8 hours, and wait for a docking - 3.5 hours), Kuwait and Istanbul (during “Vnukovo” you will find yourself in 12.5 hours, of which the flight itself will last 8 hours) or Belgrade (at home you will land in 18 hours, and spend 10 hours on the flight). WITH “Jet airways” you will fly home with a stopover in Mumbai and Dubai (the flight will take 11.5 hours, and the entire journey will take 23 hours), and from “Oman Air” - in Muscat and Dubai (you will have to fly 7.5 hours, and the whole trip will take more than 12 hours).

Choosing a carrier

From Doha, you will fly home on an Airbus A 380-800, Boeing 777-300 ER, Airbus A 343 or another airliner, which is owned by one of the following companies: “Qatar Airways”; “Etihad airways”; “Gulf air”; “JetAirways”.

The check-in of passengers for the Doha-Moscow flight is handled by employees of the Doha International Airport (DOH) - it is located 8 km from Doha. The airport is equipped with waiting rooms (they are also in the VIP terminal), catering establishments (pay attention to the cafeteria “Costa coffee”, where you will be offered to taste pastries and about 15 coffee drinks and a fast food restaurant “Food Courtand Sterling”, where you can have a snack with rolls, burgers, pastries and soft drinks), ATMs, mosques, 24-hour post office, souvenir shops, a playground, a room for mothers and their children.

What to do for those who are on the plane?

While you are flying, you can sleep, and also decide to whom to present gifts from Doha in the form of wicker baskets, incense and Arabian perfumery, spices, gold and pearl jewelry, halva, dishes in the national style, carpets and tapestries, hookahs, Arab lamps, daggers, wooden boxes, bottles of colored sand.