Airport in Shchelkovo: scheme, photo. How to get to Shchelkovo airport

Airport in Shchelkovo

Airport in Shchelkovo

The airport in Shchelkovo is located about 30 kilometers from the capital of Russia, in the northeastern direction. It is located on the outskirts of Shchelkovo, in the village of Chkalovsky (Shchelkovo-3, Shchelkovo-10). The airport is a military airport operated by the Russian Air Force. The airport was founded in the 30s of the last century. From here, commercial transportation is carried out on Tu-134A-3, Tu-154-M, etc..
The airport in Shchelkovo has two runways, the length of which is 3000 and 3632 meters.


On the territory of the airport, the 70th OITAPON was based, which is part of «Cosmonaut training center». The regiment was armed with such aircraft as Tu-154, Tu-134, etc. In 2010, on the basis of this regiment, the FGBU department was formed «Research Institute TsPK them. Gagarin». Aircrafts and flight technical personnel were partially transferred to the formed aviation department..
The 8th Special Forces Aviation Division was also based at the airport, which was disbanded in 2010..
Since 1998 it has been a co-based airport. The airport received the right to receive, in addition to aircraft of the Russian Air Force, aircraft of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and Roskosmos. In addition, by prior agreement, it is allowed to receive civil aircraft here, only for one runway, 3000 meters long.
At the moment, HF 52531 is located on the territory of the airport, as well as other HFs included in the 4th battalion of airport service and security.

Airport in Shchelkovo today

Today Chkalovsky airport is a large aviation enterprise, which includes the Russian aviation fleet, as well as a cargo and passenger terminal, which are equipped in accordance with all safety requirements.
Services for the organization of cargo and passenger transportation operate on the territory of the airport.

How to get there

You can get from the city to the airport and back by public transport. Regular movement of buses No. 321, 329, 375, 378 and 380 has been established. Fixed-route taxis run with the same route numbers.
Electric trains also run to Chkalovskaya station.
In addition, the airport can be reached by private transport or taxi..

Photos from Shchelkovo airport

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