Independently to Nizhny Novgorod: trip, routes. Travel to Nizhny Novgorod

Independent travel to Nizhny Novgorod

Independent travel to Nizhny Novgorod

The old trade Nizhny Novgorod is often called the third Russian capital. There are many sights and monuments of Russian architecture in it, and therefore the city is rightfully included in the list of the 100 most famous according to UNESCO..

When to go to Nizhny Novgorod?

The climate in Nizhny is not much different from that of Moscow. It can be hot in summer, and crowds of organized tourists usually roam the city streets. That is why independent travelers prefer to go to Nizhny at the end of August or in September, when the "Indian summer" comes and on the Oka, which flows into the Volga here, one can observe especially beautiful sunsets. In winter, New Year's weeks and Maslenitsa festivities are held in Nizhny, and in autumn fairs and festivals dedicated to harvesting are held.

How to get to Nizhny Novgorod?

The fastest connection between Moscow and Nizhny is aviation. The flight by plane takes less than an hour, and the journey from Nizhny Novgorod airport to its center takes no more than 15 minutes. Trains from the capital depart from both Kursk and Kazan stations and arrive at Nizhny within 5-7 hours. Slightly more expensive, but almost twice as fast will travel on the high-speed train "Sapsan", which starts from the Kursk railway station in Moscow.

Housing issue

You can settle in Nizhny Novgorod both in hotels and in apartments rented by the day. Both options have their pros and cons. Hotels are presented to suit all tastes and offer varying degrees of comfort and service. Undoubtedly, an apartment for several days will cost less, in which, in addition to a pleasant cost, there is also an opportunity to live in a large company for the same money.

Argue about tastes

Lunches and dinners without catastrophic consequences for the family budget in Nizhny Novgorod can be afforded in many establishments. Expensive restaurants are concentrated in the very center and in respectable hotels, while cafes and canteens are simpler - a little away from the main tourist paths. The cuisine in the restaurants of Nizhny is presented for every taste: from exotic oriental to the already traditional Caucasian.

Informative and fun

Having decided on an overnight stay, you can go on a city tour. The main local architectural celebrity is the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, the construction of which began in the 16th century. The stone fortress reliably protected the city from enemy raids, and today its thirteen towers are the hallmark of the ancient city. A great way to capture panoramic views of the third capital of Russia is a boat tour along the river or a walk along the Kremlin walls.

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