Children's camps in Samara for the summer. Children's camps in Samara 2015

Children's camps in Samara

Children's camps in Samara

There are many children's camps in the Samara region, most of which are concentrated near Samara. The nature of these places is very beautiful. In the Samara region there are Zhigulevskie mountains, the Volga river and many attractive places.

Organization of children's camps

Children's camps in Samara are represented by 20 institutions that operate in the summer. 7 thousand children manage to visit them in 1 season. Every tenth child is sent to a suburban regional camp. On the balance sheet of the city today are such camps as «Volgaryonok», «Argo», «Youth», «Zarya», «Union», «gold fish», «Zhiguli» and «Olympus». These camps are clearly not enough to provide a full-fledged summer vacation for everyone..
The tendency is that the number of children's camps in the region is decreasing. Experts say that this is an all-Russian trend. Organization of children's recreation is a laborious business. In addition, seasonality is of great importance. Therefore, many camp owners prefer to sell them rather than invest in it. This trend led to the fact that popular camps were closed in the Samara region. «dawn» and «Nautical». About 500 children can have a rest in the camp in one shift. This figure includes not only children vacationing on budget tours, but also children who came on vouchers purchased privately. It is due to such vouchers that children's health camps can organize recreation at a decent level..
Children's camps in Samara offer specialized shifts during the summer. For example, military sports, music, language, spiritual and educational, etc. In addition to Samara camps, children's camps in Togliatti are in demand. Day camps offering exciting programs are popular among Samara institutions. For example, the SOCC camp «Samara». This is a modern sports complex located outside the city. It is located in a wooded, ecologically clean area. The center is a huge territory, where such facilities as a swimming pool, sports and playgrounds, children's halls, etc. are located. Other children's camps are also implementing interesting programs. In such institutions, children are provided with the following services:

  • sports programs, relay races, tournaments and entertainment;
  • swimming;
  • various outdoor games;
  • dancing, pilates;
  • graffiti;
  • costume performances.

Children's rest in Samara camps is full of interesting events and vivid impressions.

Photos of children's camps in Samara

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