Entertainment in Suzdal - photo. Amusement parks in Suzdal.

Things to do in Suzdal

Things to do in Suzdal

Entertainment in Suzdal is riding ATVs, sightseeing, visiting museums, restaurants and baths (pay attention to the bath complex “Hot Keys”).

Amusement parks in Suzdal

  • Multimedia park “Suzdal fairy tale”: this amusement park will appear in Suzdal very soon and will be a town with original attractions, museums, an art school, thematic farmsteads (Fairy trail, Baba Yaga's hut), a cinema and a concert venue.
  • “Shchurovo Settlement”: in this museum of living history (visiting it is an exciting adventure for children and adults) you can go looking at wooden huts, barns, an armory room, take part in making bread in an adobe oven, “chat” with pets, learn to wield a sword, shoot a bow and throw a spear. In addition, here you can put on armor and take original photographs as a souvenir..

What entertainment in Suzdal?

To have a fun time, it is worth visiting various master classes where you will be taught how to sew, create rag dolls or unique masterpieces on a potter's wheel, sculpt from polymer clay ...

If you wish, you can take a river tram and go for a walk along the Kamenka River (May-October) to admire the beautiful landscapes and see from the water the Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist, the Kremlin, Shopping arcade.

If your vacation in Suzdal is planned for the winter months, dog sledding and snowmobiling can be interesting winter activities, from the mountain - on cheesecakes, sledges and ice sleds..

Not far from Suzdal there is a pine forest with a playground for paintball - going here, you can not only play this exciting team game, but also have a picnic in nature.

Despite the fact that there is practically no nightlife in Suzdal, those who want to have fun on the dance floor should be advised to look into the nightclub “Smile” (equipped with stereo equipment and color music, there is karaoke, and on Saturdays there is a male or female striptease).

Entertainment for children in Suzdal

It will be interesting to go to the Wax Museum with your child - here you will see more than 100 figures of famous historical figures.

It is worth visiting Suzdal with children in the summer - in mid-July you can take part with your whole family in the celebration of the International Cucumber Day. To do this, you must visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture: here, on “Cucumber courtyard”, you will be offered to take part in contests and games, visit fairs, taste drinks and cucumber dishes, watch theatrical performances.

There will be no limit to the joy of your child if he participates in festive fun and children's contests dedicated to the holiday of Ivan Kupala and Mermaid Week (June).

On vacation in Suzdal, you can taste mead, attend lectures and training lessons in the icon painting workshop, go hiking and cycling, hunt in the nearby forests and go fishing in the Kamenka River..


  • Things to do in Suzdal
  • Things to do in Suzdal
  • Things to do in Suzdal