Rest in Suzdal - photo. Summer vacation in Suzdal 2015

Rest in Suzdal

Rest in Suzdal

Rest in Suzdal is very popular among lovers of architecture and history (in order to preserve the historical spirit of ancient Russian culture, it is forbidden to build high-rise buildings in the city).

The main types of recreation in Suzdal

  • Excursion: as part of the excursion tours you will see the Kremlin, Gostiny Dvor, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Monastery of the Robe, the Spaso-Evfimievsky Monastery (a concert of bell ringing is held here), visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture (barns, huts, wells of the medieval era will appear before your eyes) and the museum “Shchurovo settlement” (here you can take part in interactive activities such as archery and bread making in an old oven). If you wish, you can go on a tour, within which you can learn about the methods of creating icons - you will be shown both the usual methods of applying frescoes and paintings, and the encaustic technique, which consists in burning wax into a wooden base..
  • Event-driven: you should come to Suzdal during the celebration of various solemn events (Christmas, Cucumber Festival, Apple Savior, Festivals “Russian fairy tale” and “Russian week”). So it is worth coming here for Maslenitsa. In honor of the holiday, a colorful show with tea parties, goose fights, old Russian rituals is held in Suzdal.
  • Active: active tourists in Suzdal will have the opportunity to go hiking and cycling, play laser tag, ride horses, ATVs and snowmobiles, ride a boat on the Kamenka River. In addition, if you wish, you can go hunting. 10 km from the city there is a hunting farm where you can hunt wild boar, elk, deer, fox, black grouse, wood grouse. Those who are attracted by fishing can go to free (in the local rivers Kamenka and Nerl you can catch bream, roach, rudd, perch, pike, crucian carp) and paid (their owners will offer you to catch carp, trout, sterlet, beluga) reservoirs.

Price level for tours to Suzdal

You can have a rest in Suzdal at any time of the year, but an increase in the cost of vouchers is observed in the summer months and in December-January. If your plans include the purchase of democratic vouchers to Suzdal, you can do this in early spring, winter and mid-autumn (prices drop by 15-35%).

On a note!

If you plan to visit the bathhouse, then it is advisable to go to small markets in the vicinity of the city to purchase brooms, since in the city itself they cost twice as much..

When planning to relax in Suzdal on holidays, it is advisable to book rooms in hotels in advance. The same applies to restaurants..

From Suzdal, vacationers are recommended to bring Suzdal liqueurs and mead, handicrafts (tapestries, paintings, pottery and patchwork).

Photos of rest in Suzdal

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