Beaches of St. Petersburg: photo, video. The best sandy beaches of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Beaches of St. Petersburg

Beaches of St. Petersburg

The beaches of St. Petersburg differ sharply from the beaches of Moscow. It is much quieter and cleaner here, because the flow of tourists is several times smaller. It is amazing, but rarely any tourist knows that in St. Petersburg you can not only admire the monuments of architecture and painting, but also relax in the sun and swim in the waters of local lakes. It is not customary to swim among the locals in the famous Neva River: it is too polluted.

«Unofficial» Petersburg beaches

In St. Petersburg there are official and so-called «unofficial» beaches that only residents of the city know about. To such «unofficial» beaches within the city include, for example, a small recreation area located not far from the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is noteworthy here not only that you can calmly rest away from the bustle of the city, but also enjoy a beautiful view of the city center. The famous Hermitage and the Spit of Vasilievsky Island are clearly visible from here. Swimming here is unlikely to work: the water is too cold. Its temperature in the hottest period of the year reaches only 18 degrees, and this is not enough for an unprepared person..

Country beaches

The best sandy beaches of St. Petersburg are located outside the city. One of them - Sestroretskiy - hid in the Kurortny district near the town of Sestroretsk. The width of the beach is as much as 200 meters, and it stretches for several kilometers, so it will be relatively easy to find a free space here. The beach is popular with locals. In summer, the water temperature here reaches 25 degrees, but its purity leaves much to be desired, so before going swimming, you should think several times.

Zelenogorsk beach is located 50 km from St. Petersburg, in a mixed forest. The nature here is of extraordinary beauty, and the beach itself is pebbly. The pebbles are relatively small here. Small stones can be found in the water, so it is advisable to swim in shoes to avoid injury. You can go to Zelenogorsk beach right through the local city park.

The beach in Komarovo unfolded on the territory «Rantisa» - local beach entertainment complex. This is a private beach, so the range of services provided here is very large:

  • restaurants and bars;
  • ATV and jet ski rental;
  • paintball range;
  • slides for children;
  • convenient private parking.

Surprisingly, the entrance to this beach is completely free. The cost of additional services bites a little, but those who do not want to spend a lot can just calmly rest and swim. The unique nature, clean air and the proximity of the cultural center of Russia will complement the already wonderful impressions of the rest..

Photos of the beaches of St. Petersburg

  • Beaches of St. Petersburg
  • Beaches of St. Petersburg
  • Beaches of St. Petersburg
  • Beaches of St. Petersburg