Excursions in Peterhof. Sightseeing tours of Peterhof

Excursions in Peterhof

Excursions in Peterhof

Excursions in Peterhof are an obligatory element of cultural recreation for guests of the city. If you visit St. Petersburg, but do not visit Petrodvorets, then you simply will not be understood.

Sightseeing tours to one of the country residences of the Russian rulers are carried out by bus. The guide talks about «Peterhof road», as well as iconic landmarks along it. You can learn a lot of interesting things both about the Petrodvorets itself and about the Lower and Upper parks. You will also get acquainted with the masterpieces of Russian architecture:

  • Hermitage Pavilion;
  • Monplaisir Palace;
  • Marley Palace;
  • Grand Palace;
  • Fountains of the Lower Park.

Residence of the Russian tsars

Peterhof is a magical, luxurious pearl that shines in the placer of historical treasures of the city of St. Petersburg. This place is beautiful at any time of the year. For guests there are prepared not only ceremonial promenades, but also multimedia shows with laser animation and stunning pyrotechnic effects, exhibitions, games, festivals, children's educational programs. In summer, fountains add solemnity to this beautiful palace..

The lower park is famous for royal buildings and fountains, which were designed during the reign of Tsar Peter. During the reign of Peter the Great, such notable places as the Hermitage, the Samsonian grotto, the Adam fountain, canals, wharves, the Nagorny Palace, Marly and Monplaisir were also built in the Lower Park..

The largest architectural structure of Peterhof is the Grand Palace. This work of art stands at the very edge of the terrace, which is 16 m high.The Grand Palace is an elegant three-story building with gilded sparkling domes and terraces.

Excursion price

Basically, the price for an excursion will depend on the number of events, the qualifications of the guides and the total time spent. An individual excursion will be much more expensive, so it will be much more profitable and more fun if you join any group excursion. The larger the group gathers, the cheaper the tickets will be.

Excursion on Meteora

Such a special pleasure as an excursion to Petrodvorets on Meteora is available only in summer «high» season. You will take an unforgettable boat trip along the smooth surface of the Neva River and taste all the stunning beauty of Peterhof from the sea. You will remember this journey for the rest of your life..

Usually, the water excursion to Peterhof includes the beauty of Petrodvorets in different variations and an overview part. If you want to visit such an excursion, then you need to order it in advance..

Photos of excursions in Peterhof

  • Excursions in Peterhof
  • Excursions in Peterhof
  • Excursions in Peterhof