Children's camps in Yaroslavl for the summer. Children's camps in Yaroslavl 2015

Children's camps in Yaroslavl

Children's camps in Yaroslavl

In Yaroslav, there are many development camps for children of different ages. The city camp is a great way to organize your leisure time within Yaroslavl. Outside the city, there are field camps that have been operating since the period of the USSR. Over time, they underwent reconstruction and modernization..

Benefits of children's camps in Yaroslavl

Today, country summer camps successfully compete with foreign children's centers. They are located in areas with good ecology. Rest in a summer camp will allow the child to enjoy nature and communication with peers. Children's camps in Yaroslavl operate all year round. Climatic conditions lead to warm summers and snowy winters. Therefore, exciting entertainment is available for children during the winter and summer holidays. Children's camp programs necessarily include excursions to the historical sites of the city.

Yaroslavl is an old Russian city that was founded in the 11th century. He celebrated his millennium back in 2010. Excursions are especially interesting for schoolchildren. During their visits to the historic city center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they learn a lot. Yaroslavl is one of the cities on the list of the Golden Ring of Russia. Therefore, its sights deserve attention. To send a child to the camp, you must purchase a voucher. The choice here is very wide, as there are many good camps in and near Yaroslavl..

Which camp to choose

In the suburban area, there are sanatorium camps for children. Their programs include sports games, health exercises, recreational activities, etc. The main goal of such institutions is the healthy lifestyle of children. Specialized children's camps in Yaroslavl are focused on the development of children. They offer them classes in studios and sections, rehearsals, performances and competitive programs.
Near Yaroslavl there are several out-of-town centers focused on problem children. Educators create an environment of safety, identify children's psychological problems and help solve them. Children's day camps are concentrated within the city limits. Life in them is full of events. Counselors and teachers maintain a friendly atmosphere and offer children many fun activities:

  • social projects,
  • role-playing and business games,
  • team games,
  • hiking trips,
  • creative tasks,
  • shows and concerts.

Programs for thematic camps are developed with the help of specialists from the Faculty of Psychology of YarSU named after P. G. Demidov. The main focus is on the disclosure of individual abilities and personal growth.

Photos of children's camps in Yaroslavl

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