Observation platforms of Kostroma. List of the best observation decks in Kostroma

Observation decks of Kostroma

Observation decks of Kostroma

Tourists who decide to climb the viewpoints of Kostroma, from a different perspective, will look at the Fire Tower (a monument of the era of classicism; decorated with columns, pediment and porticoes), the Church of the Resurrection on Debra, the Ipatiev Monastery, the Borshchov mansion and other objects.

Ostrovsky's gazebo

Due to its location (a gazebo with 7 columns rises above the river), the best panorama of the Volga river opens up from here (picturesque landscapes will open in front of you).

How to get there? By minibus number 4 you should get to the stop “Mountain street” (address: street May 1).

Observation deck in Central Park

From this observation deck, guests will be able to admire the architectural sights, the Volga and the pier. In addition, the park is an excellent resting place (in the summer it pleases guests with entertaining events with the participation of artists), where you can find: walking alleys; Lenin monument; slides and children's merry-go-rounds; tennis courts.

Address: Tchaikovskogo street, 4a.

Observation deck on the roof of the hotel “Volga”

The complex (here you can taste Russian, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine; there is a grill menu) has a restaurant and a club for 250 seats, a summer terrace for 150 people on the roof (it is often used for photo shoots and weddings) - from here guests are given the opportunity to admire the panorama of Kostroma and the Volga. Important: on Friday-Saturday, the institution is open until 03:00, on Sunday - until midnight, and on other days - until 01:00.

How to get there? To services of travelers - route taxis № 89 and 4. Address: street Yunosheskaya, 1; hotel “Volga”; website: www.volgaclub.com

Other possibilities of viewing Kostroma from above

It is worth noting that tourists should take a ride along the Kostroma highway bridge, more than 1200 m long, in order to admire the panorama seen.

You can see the Volga and Kostroma with its sights and landscapes from a bird's eye view (height - several hundred meters) in another way - for this you need to take a hang-glider flight (flight duration - 10 minutes; approximate cost - 1,500 rubles; photo and video filming - 500 rubles).

Are you going to go to Kostroma? You may be offered to stay in an eco-hotel “Romanov forest” (there is a helipad nearby - it is separated from the cottages by a strip of forest, which provides a good sound barrier). Here you can take a helicopter ride using one of the paved routes. One of them - “Heliport Moscow” - Romanov forest. The flight, during which you can admire the beauty of Kostroma, will take 1 hour 40 minutes (EurocopterAS // Bell 407) - 2 hours (RobinsonR44).


  • Observation decks of Kostroma
  • Observation decks of Kostroma
  • Observation decks of Kostroma