Outlets San Marino - prices, brands, outlet addresses

Outlets San Marino

The dwarf state of San Marino is famous not only for its castles and medieval surroundings, but also for excellent opportunities for buying branded and simply high-quality things. As a duty-free zone, this republic is a real gift for shopaholics. Prices in San Marino outlets are about 20% lower than in Italian ones, and therefore it is profitable and interesting to buy here.

Useful little things

  • Especially famous brands in San Marino outlets are not as massively represented as in Italy, but high-quality clothes worn by the bulk of fashionable residents of the "big neighbor" are quite real to buy here..
  • After January 7th and July 10th, San Marino's Outlets begin grand sales seasons, each lasting two months. At this time, prices tend to a pleasant minimum, but there are a lot of people who are suffering to buy what they want..
  • On the territory of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, there is an opportunity to inexpensively purchase a high-quality fur coat or fur coat. Braschi and UniFur's own factories provide beautiful fur clothing for both local fashionistas and visiting dandies. Assortment of mink, sable, fox and chinchilla coats.

Mushroom places

The most popular San Marino outlet is the multi-brand San Marino Factory Outlet, where discounts start at thirty and go up to seventy percent. Here you can buy products from inexpensive mid-range brands as well as products from fashionable Italian monsters. Pleasant prices for all-season clothing collections for children and adults, men and women and a large selection of goods on offer are the secret of the popularity of this San Marino outlet. The address of a Mecca for shopaholics is the commune of Roverett, Via Strada dei Censiti.
The nearby Arca Marketplace is a meeting point for fans of famous luxury brands. Here you can grab a jacket, bag, dress or shoes from Galliano, Armani, Versace or Ferre, and all goods are located in one room. The only drawback of this store is not a very large selection of models and not always a full size range. During the seasons of sales, the cost of things in Arca can be reduced by another half of the already announced discount price.
Serraval is home to two more popular San Marino Outlets - the Azzurro shopping center on Via M. Moretti and the electronics department store on Via Cinque Febbraio.