Features of Singapore - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Singapore

Features of Singapore

It is difficult for a tourist who first enters this amazing Asian country at first glance to determine which of the local residents belongs to the indigenous population. This is the essence of the national peculiarities of Singapore, that different ethnic groups live here. At the same time, they manage to preserve their independence, unique culture and religion..

Many representatives of the country's younger generation proudly call themselves Singaporeans, while remaining loyal to their ethnic group. And a guest of the country has to take into account many nuances when communicating with the local population. But there are rules of conduct that are characteristic of the entire Singaporean society as a whole..

Invitation to visit

Most tourists go to Singapore for business or cultural purposes, they have little chance of visiting one of the locals. But if, nevertheless, the invitation is received, you should not refuse.

It is not necessary to buy expensive gifts, the residents of Singapore are also happy with small trifles, such as Russian national souvenirs. It is better to refuse to buy fresh flowers, since many ethnic groups associate certain plants with death or funeral. It is also not customary to give objects with a sharp edge and alcohol.

Nuances of behavior

In Singapore, there is one simple way to show respect for a person - passing any object with a slight bow and two hands. As a sign of respect, the guest should also take the thing with both hands, even if it is very small in size and light.

It is customary to eat Indian or Malay food in restaurants only with the right hand. And special oriental sticks should not lie on the main plate, but on a special stand. Although in Singapore you can find food establishments that specialize in one or another Asian or European cuisine. Now it is impossible to determine what is the traditional national food in this country..

National and local holidays

Singapore is a multinational state, the people celebrate holidays according to the calendars of almost all confessions in the world. Among the main celebrations:

  • Muslim Hari Raya Puasa, end of fasting in Ramadan;
  • Chinese New Year;
  • Hindu Thaipusam and Ponggal
  • Christian Good Friday and Easter.

A holiday that unites all residents of Singapore and does not depend on their ethnicity - Republic Day. It is solemnly and magnificently celebrated by everyone, young and old, arranging parades, processions, and in the evenings enjoying bright and colorful fireworks.


  • Features of Singapore
  • Features of Singapore
  • Features of Singapore