Singapore in 3 days: where to go in Singapore

Singapore in 3 days

Singapore in 3 days

Exotic Singapore is a place where it is always warm, and oriental charm and exoticism are generously seasoned with truly European civilization. Located on the other side of the world, the city is worthy of a leisurely, detailed acquaintance, but if only the project "Singapore in 3 days" is possible, you should not despair. Even in such a short time, you can have time to see the best sights and visit the most memorable places..

Embankment with a long history

You can start your acquaintance with the city with a walk along the famous Singaporean Klar Key waterfront. Named after the second governor of the island, Andrew Clarke, the area's main attractions are floating restaurants and artisans' shops where you can buy handmade souvenirs. Clar Key Promenade is a great place to start a sightseeing boat tour, during which you can see floating markets and sample local exotic fruits.

Bird's eye view and pool under the clouds

In Singapore, in 3 days, you can see many sights belonging to the category "best". But tourists usually give the palm to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Ferris Wheel. The first structure consists of three towers, united by a terrace at the top. There is an outdoor pool on it, where at a height of two hundred meters you can swim and admire the panorama of the evening Singapore.
The Ferris wheel in Singapore in 3 days is a unique opportunity to fly over the city and see the beautiful national parks and the most important monuments and attractions from a height of 165 meters.

In the lap of nature

A great vacation in Singapore can be arranged by going to the island of Sentosu. Within the city, there are beaches and an amusement park, and the city aquarium will acquaint you with representatives of the marine fauna that live in the waters of the Indian Ocean..
The guests are also interested in the Jurong Bird Park, where the brightest representatives of the ornithological kingdom live in huge open aviaries. The thematic zones of Jurong Park are both the World of Darkness, where nocturnal representatives of the tropical fauna live, and the Penguin Coast, in whose aviaries Arctic birds live. The brightest birds are presented in the pavilion of the Birds of Paradise, and you can hand feed the parrots in the cages of Lori Loft space. Endangered species are also represented in the park, for example, Dalmatian pelicans, and storks walk in artificially recreated swamps in African style.


  • Singapore in 3 days
  • Singapore in 3 days