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Taxi in Singapore

Taxi in Singapore
A trip to Singapore is still too unrealistic for many tourists from Eastern Europe. But Russian travelers and their colleagues from neighboring countries, who nevertheless decided to visit these places, will not be disappointed. Even a taxi in Singapore surprises with its comfort, high speeds and democratic prices..

Features of work

As tourists who have been here assure, finding a taxi in Singapore is not a problem. Difficulties can arise only in special cases - change of drivers when there are much fewer cars on the line.
Rain can make adjustments to the schedule, most often it is very heavy, so residents and guests are in a hurry to use taxis. Another reason for the problem of calling a taxi is a large event, sports or cultural and entertainment, which can gather an audience of thousands..

Where to look?

The streets in Singapore are not the place to get a taxi. This applies, first of all, to the main avenue, where you cannot stop. There are special parking lots for cars - booking taxi, drivers who follow the rules impeccably wait for customers exactly there.
Sometimes you can see the line not of taxis, but of potential passengers waiting for the car. To reduce the waiting time at the parking lot, you can call a taxi by phone, it will drive up to the right place and pick up the client while the rest of the people wait for their turn.


The taxi station in Singapore is relatively old, the cars have an unprepossessing appearance, but inside they are equipped with air conditioning, which significantly improves the quality of the trip. Getting into the car will take 2.50 SGD from the passenger, the further cost is calculated based on the mileage.
There are times when the fare increases:

  • the so-called rush hour - an additional 2.50 SGD (it is written in the check - peak hour);
  • evening rate - about 4 SGD (optional).

These price increases are reflected in the Extras counter. There is also one more counter in a Singapore taxi with a card, money is taken from it for travel on a toll road, most often 1–2 SGD, which will then be included in the total bill.
Experienced travelers assure that in Singapore it is beneficial to use taxis until 17.00 (cheaper), avoiding long trips and toll roads, as well as companies. And the best way to travel around Singapore is the subway, it works almost around the clock, regardless of the vagaries of the weather, without traffic jams..

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