Taxi in Singapore - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Singapore

Taxi in Singapore

Taxi in Singapore
Taxis in Singapore are represented by cars of different colors (blue, yellow and red cars prevail), equipped with air conditioning, navigators and meters (many drivers speak English).

Taxi services in Singapore

Stopping cars on the sidelines is not only not accepted, but also fraught with the payment of a fine (your actions can be regarded as non-compliance with traffic rules). You can find a taxi in Singapore at equipped parking lots (they are marked with the "Taxi" sign) located near hotels and large shopping centers.
Phones by which you can call a taxi: 6363 6888 (“Premier Taxis”); 6342 5222 (“Dial-A-Cab”); 6552 1111 (“Comfort&CityCab ").

Cycle rickshaws in Singapore

Anyone who wants to experience Asian exoticism should use the services of this transport. You can find pedicabs in Chinese and other old areas of the city. It is worth noting that a cycle rickshaw ride can be more expensive than a taxi, so the route and price should be discussed in advance..

Taxi cost in Singapore

Many travelers ask, "How much does a taxi cost in Singapore?" They can satisfy their curiosity by familiarizing themselves with the current pricing system:

  • boarding for passengers costs a maximum of S $ 5;
  • from passengers who call a taxi through the dispatcher of the taxi company, $ 2.5-8 is charged (the price depends on the type of the ordered car);
  • each km traveled will cost S $ 0.50;
  • the night rate (it is valid from 24:00 to 06:00, as well as on holidays) is 50% higher than the day rate, and the fare during peak hours increases by 35%;
  • one second of idle time in traffic jams costs passengers 1 cent;
  • entrance to the main street and travel on expressways (from 1 Singapore $) are additionally paid by the passenger. For example, you will be charged $ 3 for a ride through the center, and $ 10 for a 10-kilometer trip..

It is worth noting that in Singapore there is no such thing as an “airport surcharge” (the airport has its own parking lot).
If you are interested in paying for travel with a bank card, it is worth informing about this before the trip, since many cars are equipped with card readers for payment (Visa and MasterCard are accepted).
At the end of the trip, you should receive a check from the driver, which will reflect the following information: how much distance was covered and what time the trip began and ended (Singaporean drivers do not require a tip, but if you leave them a small monetary reward, they will not refuse to accept it).
A taxi driver can be hired for a few hours to drive you around the city for a certain time, at the same time introducing you to him (the approximate cost of the service is from US $ 30/1 hour).
Every traveler in a Singapore taxi will be able to reach their destination comfortably and without fuss at a very reasonable price..

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