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Singapore traditions

Singapore traditions

Chinese opera and perfect cleanliness on the streets, spicy coconut soup and the Singlish dialect, a strict system of fines and lulling chants of Indian quarters, modern skyscrapers and the incense of massage parlors in the old city - the traditions of Singapore are so diverse that even a long vacation in the city-country will allow just a little look into its eastern secrets.

"Laws are easier to follow"

This is the motto that the absolute majority of Singaporeans adhere to. Visitors to the country understand that the traditions of Singapore must be honored, already at the airport, where strict customs officers may ask if a foreign tourist's luggage is ... chewing gum. Travelers face a substantial fine for transporting it to the land of bananas and lemons, but the pavements and sidewalks in this paradise look perfectly clean..
The traditions of Singapore and its laws prescribe breakfast, lunch and dinner in strictly designated places, and here you will not meet a person chewing something on the go or in public transport. Smoking "anywhere" is also punished with a ruble, or rather a large fine, and therefore those who want to smoke must find a special urn with an ashtray.

Useful little things

  • The importation of printed or video materials containing scenes of a sexual nature is strictly prohibited by the traditions of Singapore and its laws. Violation of this rule is punished criminally.
  • In restaurants, you can always ask for European cutlery if eating with chopsticks is inconvenient..
  • Beachwear is permissible only in recreation areas, but it is best to wear a business suit and tie in a restaurant, and a dress for ladies.
  • When entering a temple or even a Singaporean's house, you are required to take off your shoes. The invitation to visit should be accepted with gratitude and before making a visit, it is important to take care of gifts for the hostess and the children..
  • In the traditions of Singapore - hospitality and friendliness. Residents of the country will willingly help to find an attraction, show the way, tell you which transport is most effective for a tourist.  

Congratulate Buddha on his birth

One of the most beautiful holidays celebrated by Singaporeans is the birth of Buddha. On this day, official institutions do not work, and the inhabitants of the country arrange a colorful festival dedicated to the birth of their spiritual teacher..
Vesak, as this holiday is called, traditionally occurs on a full moon and usually falls in May or April. Going on a tour at this time, the traveler gets an excellent chance to get acquainted with the festive and solemn traditions of Singapore.


  • Singapore traditions
  • Singapore traditions