Prices in Bratislava - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Bratislava

Prices in Bratislava

Prices in Bratislava

Bratislava is considered the most charming city in Slovakia. It is a capital city that is quite expensive to live in by Slovak standards. Prices in Bratislava are 10% higher than average prices in Slovakia. Weekly tour to Bratislava can be purchased for 600 euros.

Where to rent a house

There are more than 150 hostels and hotels in Bratislava. They are concentrated mainly in the center of the capital, next to the main cultural monuments. The most attractive for tourists is the Old Town. The best hotel in this area of ​​Bratislava is the Arcadia Hotel, which was built in the 17th century. Each hotel room has antique furniture.

There are few 5 * hotels in the city, almost all of them represent international chains and are designed for wealthy people. These include Hilton, Sheraton, etc. Many hotels have their own spa complexes, offering unique recreation programs for tourists. At the Sheraton hotel a package of services (sauna, ice fountain, steam room, fitness room, relaxation session) costs 45 euros.

The cheapest accommodation is in hostels. In one of them, you can rent a place for 90 euros per week. Renting a private room for a week will cost 200 euros. In a hotel a 3-4 * double room costs 400 euros per week. You can rent a room for a similar period in a high-class hotel for 1000 euros.

Transport service

In public transport, the fare depends on the distance of the trip. Tickets are sold at bus stops and newsagents. The price of a city bus ticket is 0.5 euros. By purchasing such a ticket, a passenger can travel within 15 minutes. To make an hour trip, you need to buy a ticket for 0.7 euros. A weekly ticket costs 12 euros. Children aged 6-15 receive a 50% discount on travel. Penalty for travel without a ticket - 1.4 euros.

Excursions in Bratislava

There are many interesting tourist routes in Bratislava. Here you can see old houses, palaces, monasteries and churches. Sightseeing tours allow you to get acquainted with many unique attractions. These include the Khatam-Sofer mausoleum, the medieval castle of Bratislava Castle, Mikhailovskie gates, etc. Individual excursions around Bratislava are more expensive than group excursions. The cost of a city tour for a group of 3-5 people is 40-45 euros. The program is designed for 3 hours.

Arriving on vacation in Bratislava, you can order an excursion around the cities of Slovakia. The tour follows the route Bratislava - Nitra - Trnava - Small Carpathian Wine Road - Bratislava. The tour lasts 8 hours and costs € 80 per person.


  • Prices in Bratislava
  • Prices in Bratislava
  • Prices in Bratislava