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Traditional Slovakian cuisine

Traditional Slovakian cuisine

Food in Slovakia is considered the cheapest in Europe: local establishments provide tasty, hearty, varied and inexpensive food. It is advisable to have breakfast in a hotel restaurant, since almost all restaurants and cafes are closed early in the morning, they work only in the center of large cities..

Food in Slovakia

Slovak cuisine has been influenced by Hungarian, German, Ukrainian and Polish culinary traditions. The diet of Slovaks consists of cereals, vegetables, soups (cheese, mushroom, meat, vegetable, garlic), meat, fish, dairy products (cottage cheese, sour milk, smoked sheep cheese).

In Slovakia, dumplings are worth trying; sauerkraut soup (kapustnica); goose or chicken with dumplings; French fries with grilled cheese and salad; dumplings with feta cheese and potatoes (bryndzovehalusky); game pate; fried pork leg (“baked boar knee”); donuts “longoshe”, served with garlic and butter; potato cakes (“lokshami”); dumplings with cottage cheese, paprika and herbs; fried goose wings; hot roll based on various types of meat; steaks and game chops; goulash with mushrooms and potato pancakes (“spišskaya pochutka”).

And the sweet tooth will be delighted with pancakes with peaches, cakes with chocolate, fruit and cream, apple strudel, local ice cream.

In Slovakia you can eat:

  • in cafes and restaurants of international cuisine;
  • in “kolyba” (local small restaurants serving delicious national cuisine) and “tsukrarnyakh” (here you can taste light snacks and desserts);
  • in eateries (here you can order french fries, dumplings with feta cheese, fried sausages and chicken), pizzerias and other fast food establishments.

Drinks in Slovakia

Popular drinks of Slovaks are coffee, mineral water (Rajek, DobraVoda, Mattoni, Budis, Myticka), beer, plum brandy (slivovica), pear vodka (hruskovica), juniper vodka (“boletus”), gin, liqueur, herbal liqueurs.

While vacationing in Slovakia, you should try local beer - Topvar, Saris, ZlatyBazant, SmadnyMnich. And wine lovers should take a trip along a special wine route - you will travel around the cities in which they are engaged in wine craft, having tasted the best wines there (“Tokay”, “Vlašski Riesling”, “Rachenska Frankivka”, “Limbashsky Silvan”).

Gastronomic tour to Slovakia

If you wish, you can go to Slovakia for the annual Culinary and Slovak Wine Festival held here. At the wine festival you can talk with winemakers (they will tell you about the technology of wine production), taste various drinks, and at the culinary festival you will be able to taste national dishes and local products (honey, truffle, cheese, ham, chocolate, bread).

Holidays in Slovakia are not only an excellent opportunity for excursion, wellness and active (diving, rafting, fishing, speleology, ski slopes) tourism, but also for getting to know the national cuisine and drinks.

Pictures of Slovakian national dishes

  • Traditional Slovakian cuisine
  • Traditional Slovakian cuisine
  • Traditional Slovakian cuisine