Taiwan airports - list of Taiwan international airports

Airports in Taiwan

Airports in Taiwan

Independent in almost all respects, the island province of China, Taiwan, attracts fans of a variety of entertainment and businessmen, who showcase their products with their faces at numerous prestigious exhibitions of world significance. They all land at Taiwan airports located in different parts of the island..
There are no direct flights from Russia to Taiwan, but with connections there you can easily get there by planes of both European and Asian air carriers. The best fares are usually offered by Korean Air (via Seoul), Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong), Singapore Airlines (via Singapore) and Thai Airways (via Bangkok). Europeans should pay attention to the special offers of Italians, French and Dutch airline KLM.

Taiwan International Airports

Despite the modest size of the island, more than a dozen airports have been built on it, of which, in addition to the capital, have international status:

  • Kaohsiung in the southwest of the province appeared on the map in the middle of the last century. It has domestic and international terminals and receives aircraft from Malaysia, mainland China, the Philippines, Japan, Bali, Vietnam, Macau and Indonesia. Taxi transfers are available from any terminal, metro and buses also have stations in the arrivals areas of both domestic and international lines.
  • Taichung, in the west of the island, receives domestic flights from mainland China and Hong Kong at Terminal 1 and international flights in the second, built in 2008. Mandarin Airways fly from here to Seoul.

Metropolitan direction

The main air harbor of the Chinese province of Taiwan is located 40 km west of the largest metropolis on the island of Taipei. Taiwan Airport serves as a major Asian gateway and serves more than 35 million passengers annually.
The world map is dominated by flight routes to North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. The airport operates with China Southern Airlines, Air China, Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines and KLM. The largest passenger traffic goes to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Services and transfers

While waiting for their flight, passengers at the Taiwan Capital Airport can shop at Duty Free shops, dine at numerous restaurants, use wireless internet, and exchange currency and rent a car in the arrivals area. It is convenient to wait out the long connection at the airport hotel, which is equipped with a restaurant, beauty salon, fitness center and spa..
An interesting museum has been opened in the south-eastern zone of the airport, the exposition of which is dedicated to the history of aviation.
Transfer to the city can be ordered by taxi or bought a bus ticket, which departs every 10 minutes from both terminals to all parts of Taipei.


  • Airports in Taiwan
  • Airports in Taiwan