Features of Taiwan - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Taiwan

Features of Taiwan

Officially, these territories are under the rule of China, but for a long time and are firmly perceived by many people as independent, isolated, with a special position. National characteristics of Taiwan stem from the mentality of local residents, traditions, rituals, religious beliefs.

National cuisine

The differences in the organization of the food system are especially clear. Taiwanese cuisine is characterized by an amazing boldness in a combination of various culinary traditions, including the truly Chinese. Among the most popular products are the following:

  • rice, and its different varieties and types;
  • soy, which contains a large amount of protein, and therefore serves as a natural substitute for meat;
  • vegetables (in large quantities).

In addition to rice, other cereals are used in national traditions. Soy is used for the production of milk, cottage cheese, cheese, butter and sauces. Vegetables are served both as a main course and as a side dish. Moreover, the courage of the chefs in mixing and processing vegetables amazes even experienced tourists..

Ancient traditions of Taiwan

Most tourists come to the island for business purposes, for meetings and economic negotiations, although there are all opportunities for the development of ethno-tourism and event travel..

One of the most important holidays in these territories is Zhong-yuan. The date is floating, coincides with the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, which is considered the middle of the so-called Month of the Spirits. On this day, restless souls from the afterlife return to the world of the living. So that guests from another world do not do evil, they try to appease them by laying tables and conducting rituals in the form of huge bonfires on which money is burned (fake, but made of aluminum foil).

In addition, this month, Taiwanese are trying not to travel anywhere, because they believe that intruders can go on a trip with them. But they send on a journey, or rather, on a voyage, burning lanterns. According to beliefs, the farther such a symbolic ship sails into the sea, the more restless souls will follow him to the kingdom of the dead..

Ancestor remembrance day

Another Taiwanese holiday associated with the other world is Qingming, which can be translated as «clear light». All local residents visit the graves of their relatives on this solemn day. This tradition is close and understandable to the Slavs celebrating Radonitsa.


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